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It was only a matter of time. It’s time for me to go through the purity ring wearing Jonas Brothers discography and pick out their best single. Besides the massive amount of hair gel they have put in their many different hairstyles, the Jonas Brothers (spoiler: they are real brothers) have put out some classic songs. So let’s dive into their Disney Channel-approved music and figure out which songs made this Top 5ive. Also, I cannot promise that there aren’t any jokes about their purity rings and Disney. Just be prepared for it.

5. Hold On

“Hold On” was the sleepy song and probably the most underrated because the album it was on had too many good songs. Although “Hold On” is one of the best songs off their self-titled second album, the music video is a classic. Like all the thirsty teenage girls and their mother’s underwear, the place around was falling part and they just kept on rocking out. Their music is what saved them from dying. It’s the most ridiculous video premise because they took so seriously. And the song is amazing too. It starts out strong and finishes in the most epic way ever.

4. Year 3000

Fun fact: this song is a cover. It the song that made Disney go “Hey, they are brothers and they can sing. Let’s castrate them and make millions.” And unlike my future with Disney, “Year 3000” made their bright. It also promised the world a seventh album and that never happened. The song was featured in a mediocre movie entitled “Meet the Robinson.” The only thing memorable about that movie was the dinosaur with the big head and little arms. Yeah, it was in that movie. The music video and style of the song was still one of their first album “It’s About Time.” More rock than it is pop with Nick Jonas’ pre-puberty vocals that is more iconic than his hairdo. Nick Jonas’ hair is so big because it’s full of secrets. Secrets about sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. Nick’s hair also had built-in carrying cases for their purity rings.

3. When You Look Me in the Eyes

I don’t care if you were a Jo Bro fan or not, you rocked out to “When You Look Me in the Eyes.” While it was one of those songs that Disney shoved down your throat, it was a beautifully written song that your teenage girlfriend wanted to play at your wedding. Hopefully, that has changed if you are still together. While it was originally just a Nick song for his debut album where he sang Christian music as a child, it was the probably one of their best ballads. And yes, Nick Jonas released a Christian album before you released music that he wanted people to have sex to. Everyone has to start somewhere. You probably heard his version of, just look up “Miley Cyrus: When You Look Me in the Eyes.” No joke, it will come up with that. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

2. Mandy

Who doesn’t love teen brothers singing about how they love a girl named Mandy? Their first single and a totally different style of music from what they would release their first album “It’s About Time.” It was more rock than pop and they even let Kevin sing. I know right? Kevin can sing. You would even know that by the gag order Disney put on him when they signed with slave camp known as Hollywood Records. And good luck finding this album because it’s harder to find than their purity rings. They also made three music videos for it but you can only find part one online, which makes me think that Mandy was the daughter of the CEO at Hollywood Records and used to get them a new record deal. We have to pay tribute to Nick Jonas pre-puberty. Puberty was rather good to him with dem abs. This was the best pre-puberty vocals of his.

1. Burning up

This song was probably the best music video they ever put out. It’s the funniest and the song was the Disney hit of the summer. The music video featured them just being in ridiculous plots for the music video, and it doesn’t even go with the song. It really highlights the band’s personalities. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are actually rather funny. It’s probably the reason why they got their stupid Disney Channel show ‘JONAS.” And before you attack me in the comments below, let’s be real. “JONAS” was stupid and Disney had no clue what they wanted to do with it so they changed the plot and ended up giving the world “JONAS L.A,” which no one wanted in the first place. Oh, and The Jonas Brothers let their Bodyguard rap on the song. He wasn’t bad either.


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