Don’t worry about Facebook likes.


Facebook is the giant that took down MySpace a leader of the social media world. But with the recent additions to the game, it turns out that Facebook might not be that important if you are looking to extend your brand. Grab your coat because we are about to head over to the cleanest and safest corner on the street. Welcome to “Social Media Corner.”

So Facebook these days has been reduced to being only for friends and family, annoying game request, and re-posted videos that aren’t even yours, to begin with. If you are trying to reach the age group of 14-30, then don’t even worry about trying to get your page likes on that site. The majority of them are on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. While Facebook is still a good way to have your content seen, it’s not something that I would overly stress myself over.

Facebook just doesn’t have the pull that it once did. If you look at the number of followers celebrities have on Twitter compared to Facebook, it’s actually a lot more. People just aren’t on Facebook, at least for following brands. Again, I’m not saying that you should just say “screw it” and totally write off Facebook. I would still make a page and use it so people have a content. But I wouldn’t be upset if your followers aren’t that high. People aren’t liking pages on there. They aren’t even really liking a post on there, even if it interest them. I know I don’t really like any pages on Facebook. I don’t see the point when I follow them on everything else. That’s why I don’t promote my Facebook page at the end of the post but rather briefly on the side. You are more than likely going to follow on Twitter than on Facebook. Pretty much, Facebook is just isn’t as good of platform anymore. Now I bet you’re wondering, “Steven, is there a way to still use Facebook in a productive way to help my brand?” To that, I give you a yes!

People are more than likely to share/see a video and start to build trust whether they agree with it or they just like what they content is. Why read something when you can watch videos. Think about it for a moment. How many times are you scrolling through your news feed and you see a video? It’s like every five posts. The perfect example of this is Tomi Lahren. Her videos got the majority of views on Facebook because people agreed with her views and they shared them. Then the cycle started and that’s how you build a brand on Facebook. Facebook has turned into more of a visual platform than a text one. Put out visual content that people find funny, interesting, or just agree with and it will help you build your brand on there.

Hopefully, this has helped. Just remember to not freak out if your Facebook likes go down or they aren’t that high. Unless its visual content like videos or photos, it may take a while to build up. Especially when people don’t like pages or post anymore. Just breathe and don’t stress.

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