What the App is this? Flipboard


It’s been awhile since we did this but it’s time again to explain “What the App is this?” If you don’t get the joke, it sounds like what the F*** is this. Some people find that funny. If you aren’t that kind of person then this isn’t the blog for you. Anyway, on this edition, I’ll be sharing to you what this app/site called Flipboard is. Oh, this isn’t a paid advertistment for them….unless they would like it to be *wink*

If you are reading this on “Flipboard” then please continue reading it so I can feel better. But for those who aren’t, Flipboard is pretty much an application that combines all the stuff you want to know about with your social media. The app then presents it’s in a magazine style. It’s actually a really cool app, one that I use almost every day for both personally and professionally.

You select the topics that you care about hearing news from. This could be anything from actual news, Apple Products, Music, Entertainment, Social Media, etc. You name it and there is probably something covering it. This will pretty much make up the major of the content that you will see. You can also create your own magazines and fill it with post that you find interesting. Other users can see these and “flip” the post in there own magazine, like the post, and even make comments on it.  You can also create your own post which will show up in the overall category. It’s pretty cool.


Flipboard running on iOS. Isn’t pretty cool?

The best part of the app is they it let’s you see a bunch of different things that you normally wouldn’t see if you were just looking in a search engine. There just so much content on Flipboard, you will literally never find content that won’t interest you. There’s always something cool and new in the pages, so to speak. It’s present in a really cool way. Everything looks like its in a magazine and it just looks really nice and crip – including your social media.

I recommend Flipboard to everyone, especially if you would like to see content on the topics you love, plus your social media, in all one place. And if you are looking for more interesting content, feel free to check The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman’s magazine on Flipboard. Click here to view the awesomeness.

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