Invader Zim is coming back!!


Oh, it’s a great day to be both scary and happy. The cult classic “Invader Zim” is coming back in the form of a television movie. One of the most popular Nickelodeon shows of the early 2000s, it’s one of the many “revivals” the channel is doing. And it’s about time.

For those who aren’t aware of the masterpiece of “Invader Zim,” the series follows Zim. Zim is an invader who was tasked to take over a “mystery planet,” also known as Earth. In order to take over the planet, he goes undercover at a school as a human. Comedy ensues as Zim and his robot GIR, who is the real star of the show. The show features the “scheme of the week” as Zim and GIR’s plan unravel due to their own misfortune or the only two humans that realize that Zim isn’t who he appears to be. Yes, people are caught up in their own crap too much to care about a dangerous invader in the show as well.

Canceled in 2002, the show quickly got a following after new episodes aired and re-run aired on one of the many Nickelodeon channels. The show even got its owned convention, that’s how popular it was. The show freaked the shit out of me. Literally, I thought it was the creepiest show ever and this was before I saw “Ren and Stimpy,” which is a very much f’ed up show. I found it funny and yet, I didn’t want to watch it because the art style was dark and just added to the creepiness. The characters were slightly deranged and that just made enough for me to go “yeah, not going to happen.” I was mainly too lazy enough to change the channel #FirstWorldProblems.

While nothing is really set in stone about what the premise of the movie will be, they did release a small teaser to show nothing has changed and that is just so disturbing and yet, I’m excited about it.

Here’s the teaser for you to enjoy:

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