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We need to have a real talk about the parenting that was happening on “Rugrats.” Before you even say “It’s a just a cartoon,” you may be right but that doesn’t mean you should ruin the fun. Besides, it’s un-American to not poke fun on cartoons we grew up on. Now, I’m not an expert but the parents on “Rugrats” make me look like an expert.

The parents on “Rugrats” just make me shake my head. Like, I understand keep tabs on your children at all times is hard but they might as well just leave them and go to the store all by themselves. How do you leave your children in a toy store and mistake them for stuff animals? Even if you were just mildly paying attention, you should notice when they aren’t moving. Like, who in their right mind would confuse your child for a stuffed animal?

Let’s talk about Grandpa because I don’t think he should watch these children because he’s not watching them. He’s just sleeping away as they are playing in what are very dangerous games. If he’s sleeping that much, maybe they should take him to a doctor in order to see why he is always so tired. It very unhealthy for him to be sleeping for that long. I don’t care how old you are, he’s pretty much like a cat and just sleeping over the recommended amount of sleep that a human needs. He’s literally just falling asleep as soon as he sits down. How is that healthy? He also sleeping through it all. He must be a very heavy sleeper if he slept through Angelica and Tommy having a “sword fight” on his face. How the fuck does one sleep through that?

While we are on the subject let’s talk about the time he let the children escape the house on the Reptar Wagon and they were missing for about two days. How the fuck did the police not take these children away? Like the media was involved and so was the police, there was some neglect involved if you don’t notice your children drove off. The police should have at least investigated the situation and found him unfit. And how come no one reported a bunch of children driving a Reptar wagon? Is it the entire “Rugrats” universe that is stupid and dense?

Let’s also talk about Stu Pickle’s and his inventions. A lot of those inventions are supposed to be for “children” but they end up being dangerous. Why do the other parents still constantly bring their children to a house with dangerous inventions that are supposed to be for kids? He made an army of robotic dolls that terrorize the children. He’s also always getting hurt by something? Does no one care or do they just push it under the rug?

And how the fuck is the dog better at watching the kids than the parents? Like Spike is the true parent of all these kids. He’s watching them and protecting them. He’s also making sure they aren’t killing themselves. Not to mention, he occasionally feeds them as well. Let’s just give custody to Spike because he’s a better parent then all of them. Sure, it’s strange but these kids will be way better off with the damn dog.

The only good parents are the Carmichaels. Remember Suzie and her siblings? That’s a family that has their shit together. It’s probably because of Suzy’s mom literally does it all. She studied cooking, learned how to fly a plan, and she’s also a cardiothoracic surgeon who also dabbles in pediatrics. All of this was done while having like five kids.  What doesn’t that bitch do? And how unrealistic is she setting the expectation for her children? No one will be able to do that. They might as well just come to the conclusion that they will never be like their mother.

Of course, according to legend, all the children take place in Angelica’s mind and all the parents are fucked up due to all their children either being dead, injured, or never born. So I guess it’s expected that they are horrible parents then. If you don’t know the conspiracy theory surrounding “Rugrats” then you need to look that shit up because it’s dark and deep.

Man, the parents need to go through proper training because Lipschitz isn’t working for them. Also, Dr. Lipschitz doesn’t know shit. But that’s a rant for another day 🙂

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  1. You make a very good point about the parenting skills of the adults in Rugrats. I’ve started watching the episodes recently and it astounds me how these parents consistently leave their children unattended as they do. Had any of the episodes been an actual incident, odds are high that these parents would have had their children taken from them and declared unfit. Some Einstein might find their way here and decide to post a comment questioning why you’re taking a cartoon–I’m sorry, Nicktoon, so seriously. The fact that it is an animated TV show is why I continue to watch them so I’m going to assume your feet are well planted, too. Still, as an adult, I can’t help but cringe at things these parents do NOT do to ensure the safety of their children.

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