Video Review: Steps releases classic “Scared of the Dark” video


Steps have released the newest music video for the single “Scared of the Dark.” Oh boy, did this video bring back so many memories of the late 90s. This just proves that the 90s have come back and all is right in the world.

The video is your classic Steps music video. For those of you who have never seen a Steps music video, it’s easy to follow dance moves. This video is just that. There’s nothing really to it. That’s the biggest problem I have with the music video. It’s so simple that it’s too simple. It doesn’t add to the story of the song. Visually, the song is pretty much amazing. The camera work and how it was shot was just great. The close ups and the dance breaks are done in visually appealing way.

I rather find it funny that people praised the song before the video but now are being critical of it now there’s a video of it. Like, you didn’t feel like mentioning this before the video? They are mainly being critical of the fact it’s only the girls singing and not any of the guys, just like before the infamous break up on Boxing Day, which is December 26th, in 2001.

The only criticize that really was important was the fact that the video featured a shirtless scene of Lee Latchford-Evans and yet, he had no vocals on the song. Many believed that they were using Lee for his “physique.” While I don’t think that was actually true, it does prove that they are sticking to the formula they used to rise of fame. While it’s good and still works with the music, it’s not working when it comes to music video. If they are trying to stand out then they need to fix their formula.

The song was a very good song but the video didn’t help build up the song. While it was trending on YouTube, the video just wasn’t great. It hit all the nostalgia points but other than that, it just left wanting more. Like, the backgrounds they were dancing in front of. What did that have to do with the song? It just the little stuff like that would help make the video better.

Overall, the music video is okay. It could be way better and actually help build the song up. It sticks to the tried and true Steps formula but they need to change it up if they are looking to stand out in the sea of Pop acts.

Here’s the video for your eyes to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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