Show Review: 13 Reasons Why


I’ve been putting off this show because I heard that it was a dark show about dark topics. I was putting it off because I didn’t want to get emotional. But I decided to bite the bullet and watch “13 Reasons Why.” Oh, boy did I have a lot of feelings watching “13 Reasons Why.” So let’s talk about because you probably watched it too and have feelings about it.

“13 Reasons Why” follows Clay Jensen as he listens to cassette tapes left by Hannah Baker, a girl who recently took her own life, who tells the tale of why she decided to take her life. Each tape side is a reason that she committed suicide. This series is pretty much like “Degrassi” on a coke binge mixed with some meth while also enjoying so steroids. It has TV-MA rating and it literally uses that rating to the full advantage. The show starts off heavy, but not too heavy,  and eventually makes it way up to the point where it’s extremely dark and super intense. It’s way more intense than any teen dramas we have seen. Like it really gets into the reasons why this high school girl took her. It does it in a way that is just beautifully done.

The show is brilliantly down and really makes you feel for the characters. Each and every reason on Hannah’s list just makes you want to hug her. It has a lot to do with the fact that you are hearing it from the point of view of the person who lived it. It’s a different representation of teen suicide and what we’ve seen in the media. We’ve never really seen/heard the side of the person taking their own life. We’ve just seen what it has done to the people who the person has loved. It really presented it in an aspect that everyone could relate to. Everyone attended and went through high school. The stuff that Hannah goes through is stuff that people can relate to in some way, shape, or form.

It also helps that the cast and the writing were the absolutely amazing. You really felt for the characters and they made you love the ones you felt for and hate the ones you wanted to punch. Oh, there is many characters that you wanted to punch in the face. Kate Walsh did an absolutely amazing job as Hannah’s mother. All the actors really did an amazing job with how they portrayed their characters. The casting director should get a standing ovation on how they cast each character.

Overall, this shows is amazing. It handled a serious topic and one that has been covered by a lot of other teen shows and did it from a side that is often not covered. If you decide to binge watch this, be prepared to feel the feels. I recommend watching it two episodes at a time. Every two episode represents a tape. Breaking it up might be the way to watch this show. You will still feel the feels. But at least this way, it’s not all at once. This show is extremely intense.


Rating: 5 out of 5

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