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It’s time to reflect on the emotional rollercoaster was “13 Reasons Why.” Now, this will include spoilers. So if you haven’t seen the show, then you fucking need to because your heart needs to ache like mine did. So you can turn away from here if you don’t want to read any spoilers after the gif, there’s no turning back from here. If you want my non-spoiler review, click here. This is probably one of the longest things I’ve ever written on here. But its stuff that I feel like we need to comment on and discuss because it’s a heavy show. Now, let’s take a deep breath and begin.

This show was probably the most power show I have seen in a while. Like, every episode made you want to hug someone. This show just 13 and a half hours of emotional distress and constant fear and heartbreak. And it just makes look at everything from a different perspective and made you relate to Hannah and what’s she is going through. While I’ve been lucky enough to think about taking my own life, the pain of the constant torment because of a rumor was totally relatable to me. The pain that you can’t trust people because they will eventually let you down was something I had to deal with all through Middle and High School.

It only takes one thing to ruin you and if it comes from someone who is in everyone’s ear. As a person who was constantly bullied, the show captured it perfectly. How constant it was and it felt like every time it would change, you were given a dose of reality that you were still “beneath them.” I always took as they were jealous. Some part of them wanted to be like me. While this is probably slightly true, the show really taught to not to judge others and make comments on people’s lives. You really don’t think about that part. You don’t really put yourself into other people’s shoes. We are taught that at an early age but yet, we seem to lose that life lesson. “13 Reasons Why” is an excellent example of why we need to remember that. We don’t know what’s going on in their life and until we walk a mile in their shoes, why judge them?

My heart broke the most in the finally three episodes. Those were rough. The last episode itself was the hardest in the entire series. I knew it was going to be a long road when Hannah was talking about Clay. They teased it throughout the show and when they finally got to it, it made my heart sink. Especially, when they were showing what could have been. That was like getting a puppy, falling in love with that puppy, then having that puppy taken away from you. I was shipping Clay and Hannah just as much as I was shipping Jeff and Clay, and don’t trying to fake that you weren’t shipping Jeff and Clay too! It was very nice to see her appear truly happy. Even though I was aware of Hannah’s fate, I just wanted to see her happy. This was probably the closest thing to actually seeing it. But it just tore my soul up hearing why she knew she didn’t deserve. It really showed how hurt and damaged she was because of all the shit going on in her life. No one should ever feel that way.

I was also very shocked on how they handled all the issues on the show. Like they didn’t hide anything. They showed the rapes and they showed Hannah taking her own life. We literally watch her die. It was a different way of seeing it. Normally in shows, we just see the moments leading up to it and then the aftermath. We don’t usually see the acts being done. They do it in a way where it’s not overly done but in a way that seems to be true to life. These scenes are very hard to watch. They are graphic and it’s really nice to see them handle tough scenes like this. They aren’t holding back and it makes you really feel for Jessica and Hannah. For Jessica, this was hidden from her and it was a shock that she didn’t really want to deal with until the depositions. It also appears that she grew a little closer to Clay, who was the only one trying to tell her the truth. Jessica was passed out and couldn’t even defend herself. And for Hannah, getting rape was the thing that sent her to ending her life. Knowing that scene, made it even harder to watch. You just see the emptiness in her face as the deed is happening. Then you see her walking home in a daze and then undressing and see the bruises left on her. Hell, she even had to witness Jessica get raped by the same person that raped her. No one should have to deal with that ever.

I think everyone in their life needs someone like Clay. He literally went above and beyond for Hannah after she died and tried to make things right. While he really didn’t do anything wrong to like the rest, he felt the burden more so than the other because he felt that his fear of her rejecting his love caused her to kill herself. Hannah really did have a friend in Clay before she died, but because of her self-esteem and emptiness she was feeling, thought she ruined that. Clay was the hero of this tale and proved that not all men are sexist assholes. Everyone in the world needs to be like Clay.  Like he said “It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.”

The main takeaway we should all get from this show is that we should always treat other the way you want to be treated. We don’t know what others are going through and what will end up causing them to take their own lives. If one of the 12 people who ultimately ended up on the tapes and caused Hannah to commit suicide took the time to be nice to her and just be there for her, then Hannah probably would have gotten the happy life with Clay she deserved. It just takes the little things to push someone to that edge like it did to Hannah. There’s just so much we could learn from this show. I could literally write a lot of things about the topics the show covered.

If you are even contemplating ending your own life, just remember that you aren’t alone and that there are plenty of people here to talk to you and that care about you. While it’s very cliché at this point, it really does get better. While it might not seem like it, it will. Believe me, it will. If you think someone might be suicidal, let’s the proper people know and just be there for them. I had a friend once that was talking about ending her life after a very bad breakup. Just talking to her about her feels and going with her to counselor really helped her. Pretty much, just be a friend even if you don’t know them. You don’t know how once simple act of friendship could save someone’s life.

Hopefully, “13 Reasons Why” will start the conversation that is needed to be started about all the topics mentioned in the show. Dealing with rape, depression, peer pressure, sexual identity, among others got shown in a light that isn’t candy coated. While they’ve been covered in shows like “Degrassi,” this show made it seem more realistic and handled it in a better light. This was probably because of the freedom with the rating.

Here’s a website if you feel the need to self-harm or just need someone to talk to. It’s set to the USA but you can change it to other countries if you need to.

Feel free to leave thoughts on “13 Reasons Why” or just about life in the comments below.     Let’s have an open discussion 🙂

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