The movie sequel no one wanted: ‘BIGGER FATTER Liar’



“I don’t know about you, but I’ve been longing for a sequel to “Big Fat Liar,” said nobody ever. Well, apparently the people Universal Pictures thought someone actually said that and was willing to wait about 15 years of it. 15 years too late, I might add. But you know the world we live in these days, we got to make that money somehow.

For those that don’t know, “Big Fat Liar” was released in 2002 and starred Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz. The fact that Frankie Muniz started in it should tell you just how old this movie really is. The movie follows Frankie, who is a liar, as he tries to prove that a Hollywood producer, who is also a liar, stole his creative writing assignment and made it into a movie. Pretty much it was Liar vs Liar. Amanda Bynes was the only real likable character in the movie. She wasn’t a total douche.

The movie was an okay movie wasn’t anything super great. The only reason that it did so well was that Frankie was in “Malcolm in the Middle,” which was starting to be actually good, and Amanda Bynes was one of the biggest names on Nickelodeon. No one really wanted a sequel because, at that time, it was okay to not make a movie franchise out of everything. Sigh, those were the days. But Universal decided that they need more of that money so they went to the graveyard of forgotten movies and decided that a sequel to this movie was a good idea. We can get a sequel for “Big Fat Liar,” which no one wanted, but we can’t get a sequel to “Bridesmaids?” How is that right?

Someone better tell Universal what the difference between a sequel is and remake because this isn’t a sequel. “Bigger Fatter Liar” is literally a rip-off of the original just with a few changes here and there to make it more relevant. It’s like they didn’t even try to make a new movie. It’s not even a sequel so I don’t know what the hell they are calling it “Bigger Fatter Liar.” The best part is when they called it “an ALL-NEW movie.” Bitch, please its freaking remake of a movie that wasn’t even worth remaking, to begin with. Now, I give them an attempt to make a movie relevant again but this is just sad. All this money wasted on this crap of a “sequel” when we could have had a real sequel to a movie we wanted to see. But hey, “Bigger Fatter Liar” is going to be the newest movie franchise. I’m going to call it now. Or we’ll get another “sequel” called “Biggest Fattest Liar.” Either way, we’ll be seeing this movie for a very long time.

To Universal: If it’s not a sequel, please don’t call it “Bigger Fatter Liar,” that title right there just screams “I’m a sequel.” It’s common sense.

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