New Song: Steps release ‘You Make Me Whole’


In order to hype up their new album “Tears on the Dancefloor,” Steps graced us with a new song that will make you feel things that you didn’t know you could feel all at once.

“You Make Me Whole” is Steps combining their classic style with a new school vibe to it. It’s actually a really well-produced song. It’s not that I was shocked by that but It was a pleasant surprise, mainly because how much it sounds like a currently. The song mixes the blend the steps style with the current style of music perfectly.

The lyrics songs are beautiful and really tell a story. The lyrics though come across that they aren’t anything without their significant other. While is very good for a love song and also makes them sound like that they don’t have much self-confidences with other their significant other. ¬†Anyways, it’s very well done love song that is just perfect for them group. This probably would have been a better single for the album. It makes them stand out more with this than “Scared of the Dark.” This song is pretty much a banger.

The vocals on the song are spectacular. The girls sound amazing on it and it really helps make the song pop. Especially, at towards the end where Claire just in the background belting it out and just is killer. It really adds to the song and just makes it way better.

My only complaint with the song is that it doesn’t showcase all of the voices well enough. While I understand that it’s impossible to do all the time, this is the second song to not have a male vocal on it. There’s a hint of it but other than that, there isn’t really any male vocals. What’s the point of having males in the group if you can’t hear them? Its just stuff like that could really change and make the song even better than it is.

Overall, the song is a great song. I just wish there were more male vocals in it. The lyrics needed a little more fine tuned but it’s still a great song.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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