New Music: NKOTB releases ‘Thankful’


It’s time to once again relieve the 90s as New Kids on the Block released their newest song off of their upcoming EP “Thankful.” And they continue to be those attractive Dads that are talking about their sex lives.

The song, “Thankful,” is pretty much a song to grind to. The beat is too slow to dance hardcore to but too fast to slow dance too. The beat is weird because the verse and the chorus seem like two different songs. The chorus feels like it should be apart of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” while the verse just feels like a normal NKOTB album. This gives the feeling that they are trying to still be NKOTB while trying to appeal to the younger generation. I just weird.

The vocals on the song are extremely good. NKOTB have never had a problem with their vocals. They have always been on par and amazing. The vocals on “Thankful” still live up to that as they showcase the group perfectly. The lyrics are also better as they tell a better story than “One More Night.” ¬†From that perspective, the song is a better song that “One More Night.”

The song does have me one if the EP will just be a bunch of song that you can make love to because that’s all that we have gotten so far. None of the song so far are like dance hits, which is fine. But I just hope that all the songs don’t blend in together to sound like one big son. This won’t go against the song but what’s the point on releasing two out of the five songs off of the EP? Pretty much, we have half of the EP all ready. Just freaking release it all if you are going to do that. Or don’t have an EP with just five songs on it.

Overall, it’s not a bad song. It’s not at as good as “One More Night.” But it does help set that this album will pretty much be album about having sex and music you can have sex to. The song gives NKOTB an identity crisis. It just sounds like NKOTB is trying to still be them but also trying to be like young artist around them.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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