New single: Lady Gaga releases ‘The Cure’


Last night, Mother Monster headlined the biggest concert festival Coachella. During her set, Lady Gaga premiered a new song, “The Cure.” It’s the first single that isn’t off of her latest album “Joanne” and has people wondering if this is the start of a new era for the lady who once wore a meat dress to an award show.

“The Cure” isn’t really anything we’ve heard from Lady Gaga before as it is a different sound that what Lady Gaga has done. It’s actually just something that fits more with what we are hearing on the radio. The song doesn’t really make Lady Gaga stand out like her past songs. It was rather refreshing because it’s such a simple song. It’s nothing over the top but rather a classic pop song.

Her vocals on the song are something you would expect from but they really showcase her vocals more because it is way more relaxed. She’s isn’t belting anything out on the song. But it shows what we already know, Lady Gaga can sing anything and sound amazing. Lady Gaga could sing about using the bathroom, and it would sound like a dream. Her vocals are very underrated.

The song flow is rather good. It just the song doesn’t have a fulfilling ending. It leaves you wanting more, which could be the point of the song. If that is so, then it’s working fine. But it just felt like a one-way road that was straight as can be and then just ended quickly. I would have liked to have some sort of ending that felt like an ending.

Another problem with┬áthe song is that it doesn’t feel like a Lady Gaga song. It sounds more of something she was singing as a demo. While I applaud her for trying something that is relatively different, it just didn’t feel like her. The song isn’t bad it’s a very sweet song, but it just doesn’t feel like her.

Overall, the song is a good job. It just doesn’t feel like a Lady Gaga song. It also feels like one rollercoaster ride that ends early and doesn’t have any drops in it. I am excited to see where this goes but this isn’t a “huge” start.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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