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Oh, it’s time to dive into the beloved Disney Channel Original Movie that made Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers a household time and brought us Demi Lovato belting out randomly for the next two years. Luckily for you, I’m here to explain the movie to you. Welcome to “Pop Project Explains.” The column where I explain things so you understand it better. Let’s get started.

What is “Camp Rock?”

“Camp Rock” is about this girl named Mitchie who pretty much guilts her mother into working at an overpriced summer camp called “Camp Rock” because it’s the latest hip and cool thing to do. There she makes up a lie that her mother was the head of a hit music show in China because that makes total sense. Because of this lie, she totally screws over the people who nice to her from the start in order to be in the good gracious of Wicked Bitch of Rock. And Mitchie is supposed to be the protagonist

Now, can we just talk about how this camp is called “Camp Rock” but yet there is hardly any rock music there? How every single event at the camp rock is called a “Jam?” For how much this camp cost an arm and a leg, you think they would come up with more clever names. Anyway, Shane Gray is a jackass that pissed off everyone in his band to the point they shipped him off to this camp in order to work on “this image.” Because nothing fixes an image like sending him to a summer camp where everyone worships you. He’s also supposed to be the protagonist. Like who wrote these characters and thought they were great characters.

The Wicked Bitch of Rock ends up screwing over Mitchie and revealing that Mitchie is an even bigger bitch that her. She lied about where she came from just to fit in. This was all because the bitch was jealous that she didn’t get a chance with the pompous jackass Shane. How is Mitchie the main character we are supposed to root for? I’m actually rooting for the people she shits on in order to be popular.

This movie is just continuing the tradition of Disney teaching people┬ábad habits but I mean Disney, WTF? While”High School Musical” wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but at least the people you were rooting for was actually likable. You don’t like Mitchie at all until like the last 10 minutes, even then you just want to throat punch her. Shane is just an asshole. Literally, he’s just an asshole.

And what was the point of Nick and Kevin? They are just there. I get that it’s was a package deal but at least make them more prominent in the movie if you are going to feature them in the posters. The people who Mitchie shits on are in the movie more and they aren’t in most of the promo.

This movie makes you question the youth. There’s even a sequel to this movie!?! Spoiler: Don’t watch “Campe Rock 2: The Final Jam” because it’s just a stupid. I’m sorry, not sorry for ruining this movie for you. It’s not a bad movie, it’s just the fucked up.

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