Single Review: Shawn Mendes releases ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’



Right before he starts his world tour, Shawn Mendes decided to release a new single to build up the hype of his “Illuminate World Tour.” Now, if you are having a hard time finding, it’s because it’s listed as the first track for his album “Illuminate.” I don’t know why artists are adding songs to their already released album but there’s a lot of things in his world that doesn’t make sense, and this is one of them.

“There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” is a more of an upbeat song than Shawn’s early single ¬†for “Illuminate.” It’s really catchy with a catchy beat. The song starts off with an acoustic guitar before then throwing in some rock that mixes with the beat that acoustic guitar is giving off. Like, it really really works so well. It blends so well and just makes you groove with the music. It’s kind of to the point where you will be carrying that beat for the rest of your day.

His vocals on the song are the same as they were before on the rest of his songs. There’s nothing wrong with his vocals to begin with. His vocals fit his style of music and they work extremely well with this song. The song is the perfect song for the summer because the lyrics are literally about what the media tell people what they need to do in order to have a bomb ass summer. The lyrics speak about going wild and letting a girl and the love you have control you. Pretty much, it’s getting high on love and letting yourself get lost in love. The lyrics help make the song even better. Like, I enjoyed this Shawn Mendes song because it’s a banger. Like this is song that you can hear at a club. If the remix of it is good, then it will only help the song.

I really hope there’s a video for it because I would just like to see what they will give us. LIke, I want to see what they will give us for this song. I don’t want no complication of the tour and I want to see Shawn Mendes clubbing. Those two things shouldn’t go together but yet I feel like we need a visual conformation on it.

The only thing that doesn’t work for this song is the fact that it doesn’t really do with the album it’s listed as. I slightly get that it’s being used to “promote” the album but at least make it fit with the album and not just there.

Overall, it’s a great song that will be rocking the summer…in April. I just wish it would stand on it’s on and not be a part of an album that’s been released for months. Also, I want a video for this banger.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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