New Song: Lea Michele releases ‘Gateway Car’


Oh, it’s been a busy weekend so far in the music world. Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth decided to release two singles in what I’m calling a musical “who’s dick is the biggest?” contest. Well, Lea Michele also decided to release a new song in order to hype up her latest album “Places” release on April 28th. And yet, we are still waiting for the music video for “Love is Alive.”

“Getaway Car” is another ballad because we can never have enough Lea Michele’s ballads…until now. The song is not a horrible song but rather one that overdone. If we didn’t have the other songs, then it would be fine. But it just blends into the “Love is Here” and “Run to You” because they sound the same. Sure, they are little differences that make them difference but it’s not that noticeable. So far, the only song that stands out is “Anything is Possible” and that’s because it’s different.

Like the songs before it, Lea’s vocals are killing it. Especially at the end when she and the backing vocals are just killing the song. At this point, it’s the understanding of the world that Lea Michele is the voice of a generation. The lyrics are about driving around town with your crush. It’s the simplest meaning but probably one of the most relatable topics she has sung about. Everyone has done it

Overall, It’s not a bad song and actually one that is beautiful. But because it sounds like the other songs we’ve heard so far, it just gets lost in the shuffle of the other songs. The fact it gets lost in the shuffle is a horrible thing.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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