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It’s time to adventure down the road to the only street corner where a dollar won’t make anyone holler! Welcome to the latest edition of “Social Media Corner,” where I help you become a better social medialist. Buckle up and grab your cellphone because I’m here to help you make your Instagram/Snapchat stories better. Oh, I guess you can also use these tips for Facebook stories but who uses Facebook for that?

One of the great things about Instagram and Snapchat is it allows you to tell a story for your followers to see as if they are apart of your day. You can use filters, emojis, and stickers in order to make your story pop. One of the common mistakes people do is they use too many and it just looks like a cluttered mess. I’ve done it before, and we’ve all done it before. It’s okay to do it once in a while but you don’t want to constantly do it. It just takes away from the picture/video you are posting. It’s totally fine if you use them in a funny way if you are trying to comedic, but you don’t want the filters and stickers to over power. And while we are on the subject of filters, here’s some filters I wouldn’t use and why:

  • Voice changing filters that also make you talk really fast. If you don’t want people to hear what you are saying, then don’t say it.
  • Dog ear filter that licks the screen because it’s overdone and needs to go away. Also, if I wanted to see the inside of your mouth, I’d be your dentist.
  • Side note: Sticking stickers over your private parts isn’t cool. It’s rather stupid. It’s fine if you use it for sexy images but that just makes you look like you need to go to a doctor for a checkup.

Now when you are creating your story, you just need to keep like you would a tweet: short, sweet, and to the point. If you are planning on making a funny story, I would recommend planning it out like a script. But if you are just going about your day, then just do a few pics/vids of each. You don’t want to have a super long story. If you have a long story, then people won’t be interested and just skip it. Make sure your story is a length is something that you would watch. If it’s not, then why would others watch? You also want to keep in mind that most people are watching stories in-between task. Also, if you decided to rant or have a conversation, that is fine. But keep in mind of the stopping in-between pics/video and the length.

Follow the tips I’ve given you and you should be on your way to having the best story ever. And you can thank my corner for that.

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