Video Review: Kygo releases ‘It Ain’t Me’ video with no Selena Gomez in it



After having the song being released for two months, Kygo gave us a music video for his collaboration with Selena Gomez, “It Ain’t Me.” It felt me more confused and in need of answers than anything else. Also, you might need to have a drink while you read this/watch the video. It’s that kind of video, especially if I italic a word.


In order to do try to understand anything about this video, you will need to forget about what you know the meaning is behind the lyrics of the song. It won’t matter at all. This video isn’t anything like the song suggests. The video starts off with a couple getting on a motorcycle and end up getting into an accident with it appearing that the girl is the only okay. The boy is rushed to the hospital where it’s pretty much just shots of him in a comatose state with the girl being by his side, some drug like thoughts in his heads, and doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. This is pretty much it. The video ends with the girl dancing to music before putting the headphones on the guy and disappearing when he wakes up with a butterfly on his face. Yeah, you see why you need to throw out previous knowledge of this song?

This music video doesn’t support the song at all, but rather hinders it. Besides the fact that it’s a few weeks too late, it’s just so much to process and the fact that the lyrics don’t really fit with whatever story they are telling with the music video. It feels like they spent too much trying to figure out what to do for the video and then realize they need to get this video out. The thought was there but it’s just too much thought. The kind of thought you would get if you were to over think something. Videos need to tell a story while also promoting the song. It just tells a confusing story.

Another aspect that hinders the video is that it totally over the head of its intended audience. It’s art and art is in the eye of the beholder but it takes more time to try to figure out what the video’s storyline is. Most people would watch once and then turn it off and think that it’s just a horrible music video. I had to watch it multiple times to slightly grasp what is going on. It was only when I read the comments that I had a better idea. In this day and age, videos like this will get skipped over because it doesn’t have any replay value. Unless you are looking to understand it, it will be watched once and then move on.

So here’s my interpretation of video: The song is about being by someone because of their death. Yeah, this song is fucking depressing now if that is true. So how does a song go from a breakup anthem to a depressing piece? I get a song having certain meanings and videos adding to the meaning but this just comes out of left field. Sure, it makes you think but not for the right reasons.

Overall, the video doesn’t do anything to help the video. Besides the fact it came out too late, the video hinders the song than help it. The new meaning of the song actually ruins slightly ruins the song.  If the video was less of what we got and when with the breakup anthem like everyone thought it was then it probably would have been a hit than a miss. While I will admit it’s art, it’s art that goes over it’s intended audiences head. Also, I don’t think I ever wrote this much for the “overall” section of a review. This video wasn’t anything I expected and this isn’t a good thing this time.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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2 thoughts on “Video Review: Kygo releases ‘It Ain’t Me’ video with no Selena Gomez in it

  1. The song is not a breakup anthem..u just assumed it. The video is about a girl who dies in the accident and her boyfriend goes into coma. The video ends by she being finally able to guide the boyfriends “spirit” back in to his body..we can think of the weird acid tripping visual part to be spirit world or something. The lyrics make sense now as she won’t be there when he wakes up, to do anything for him. Overall an excellent video and twist in my opinion.

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