Single Review: Tinashe burns down the place in ‘Flame’


Tinashe left her slumber party with Britney¬†and decided to burn the world down with the first single off of her third album called “Joyride.” It’s a song that will make your heart fill with happiness.

“Flame” is more of a pop song rather than her usual R&B style that we are used to hearing from her. It’s a song that has a nice meaning to the lyrics and a beat that will make you dance. I would necessarily call it a ballad but rather a hybrid. If this was to play at a dance, you could slow dance to it or just get down. The production on the song is just so great that it’s hard to not like the song. It’s a well-done pop song.

The lyrics of the song are so freaking relatable that it’s not even fun. It’s a song about trying to save a relationship and figuring out if it’s worth saving. And from the sound of the lyrics, it sounds like she messed up and is asking her boyfriend to stay with her and forgive her. It’s a really lovely song. Besides certain parts of the chorus, it’s not as catchy as the other songs that Tinashe has done.

The video itself just makes me go “dayum.” It’s pretty much her and her now ex-boyfriend and adorable couple things they do before she just burns down their place. Yeah, she went to the Nick Jonas school of breakups. Except he used a chainsaw and she’s a little pyro. Also, I didn’t know that Tinashe was talking about a literal flame. Oh, she’s also dancing and laying down as she put lights up her home and watches it burn. Tinashe, I have Dr. Phil on stand by if you would like to talk to him. You might want to give him a call if you are just chilling as your place burns to the ground.The best part is when the ex is just standing there looking like he’s watching something boring. Your home and your¬†belongings are freaking burning to the ground. At least show more emotion. You just look like you could care less.

The video reminds me of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” I don’t know if that is intentionally or they are both members of the “Crazy girlfriends club.” But either way, it’s a good thing because that was a good music video/song.

Overall, it’s a well-produced pop song that allows Tinashe to show her crazy side. The lyrics are relatable but not as catchy as her past work. The video does the job but the horrible acting by the male at the end hurts its. I like Tinashe doing songs like this.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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