Singel Review: Fall Out Boy channels Britney Spears in “Young and Menace”


Oh, it’s a glorious day because Fall Out Boy has released new music and it’s time for everyone to go:

“Young and Menace” is the first single off of Fall Out Boy’s newest album “M A N I A.” It was announced today as long with tour dates Pretty much, today was Fall Out Boy Christmas. The gifts were everything we ever wanted.

The song isn’t like anything that we have heard from them before. It’s like rock and more EDM with a pop rock feel. It isn’t a bad thing. They make it work rather well. When you first hear the song, it doesn’t sound anything like Fall Out Boy. You really don’t go “ohh its Fall Out Boy.” The breakdowns are literally amazing. Like it’s just make you want bang your head. Then the climax of the song is everything you want in the final moments of a song. It’s big, loud, and bold. The only downside of the climax is that it’s rather annoying at time because it’s just random sounds and vocals. This song isn’t anything we’ve heard from Fall Out Boy and it’s a welcome changed.

The vocals on the song are amazing. “Young and Menace” really showcases how the lead singer Patrick Stump can change-up his style to fit the need/genre that the song is. The lyrics are little big hard to understand at times because of the way the song is produced. The main story behind the lyrics is trying to figure out where you belong and understand that you fit in somewhere. Oh, Fall Boy Out also channels in Britney Spears by quoting her song “Oops!I Did It Again” in the chorus.

The music video itself is extremely fucked up. It shows the child running away from her fighting parents, who first appears as monsters. It’s pretty much that and like I said, it’s extremely fucked up but very meaningful. The girl is trying to escape the world she grew up in. It’s a really deep video that will keep you engaged in it. It’s supports the song and really continues to tell the story of the song. Here’s Pete Wentz, the bassist, on the music video:

“The concept is the idea of a movie like Elf, where he realizes maybe he isn’t an elf after all, but ours has less comedic elements and more real world implication. She realizes that maybe she is human after all – but maybe the line between us and monsters is blurrier than we think…”

Overall, the song isn’t a bad song. It’s actually a nice welcome changed to the band’s sound. The climax gets annoying at the end and the production of the track sometimes overpowers the vocals but it’s a good start for what looks likes to be a great seventh album. The video is captivating and extremely fucked up. It does it purpose and helps tell the story of the song.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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