Album Review: Lea Michele slay on ‘Places’



After weeks of ballads, Lea Michele’s second album “Places” is finally here. “Places” is a departure from the poppy dance music that Lea featured on her debut album “Louder.”


As I’ve stated in my multiple reviews of the songs she’s released, click the link about to read them, I’ve been worried about this album. Most of the songs she released early all sounded the same with the piano medley and the tunes pretty much being alike. I was also worried about the fact that it seems like she is given us an album complete made up of ballads. I’m happy to say that yes, the majority of songs are ballads but it’s probably the best album she has released so far.

The songs on the album are spaces out so well that when you do get to the songs that sound similar, you really don’t notice. The songs are listed in a way where it just flowed. There are no filler songs and each song holds it own. There weren’t any songs carrying the album. The production of each song was done so well. There’s a nice mixture of pop and broadway style ballads. While the broadway ballads are good, they don’t hold a candle to the epic pop ballads that are borderline power ballads. It really should be the other way around but either way, I’m not complaining.

The songs on the album will have you shook. The depth in the lyrics is amazing. She’s very transparent on the album and it’s so wonderful. It’s her most personal album and it really shows. All the lyrics are relatable and honest. You can even tell in her vocals, which are amazing. Her vocals slayed the entire album. The rawness in her vocals on certain songs added more depth and layers to the amazing songs.

Because the songs are mostly ballads, there really isn’t any high replay for the entire album itself. There are certain songs that you make your favorite but other than those, you probably will just skip over the rest of the album. Don’t get me wrong, the album is an enjoyable 40 minutes, but there’s not really anything making you want to listen to the songs you the other songs. If there was a mixture of non-ballads, then it would add some replay value. Another issue with the album, and it’s a strange one, but it left me wanting more. Sure, there are two exclusive bonus tracks from Target and if you live in Japan, but “Places” just needs an actual deluxe version. Having a standard and deluxe version just makes the album seem longer and makes you feel more fulfilled by listening to it.

Favorite songs:

  • “Tornado” is vocally superior than anything on the album. The acapella to start off the song and then it goes into the instrumental.
  • “Hey You” is a love letter to the late Cory Monteith and it’s just so touching and amazing. It just flows so well that you will be surprised by the end.
  • “Believer” is a fight song that is just addicting. It well produced with powerful lyrics. The probably the least ballad like ballad on the album.

Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable album. It’s an album that you can relax to or if you just want an easy listen to while you work. The replay value and the wanting more song from the album hurt the overall album but won’t ruin the listening experience. It should have had a deluxe version.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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One thought on “Album Review: Lea Michele slay on ‘Places’

  1. Lea Slays So Hard On Anything She Sings.Places Is An Empowering Album With Her Raw Vocal Power,Inspirational Message ,Unique Style and Her Emoting.I’ll Speak For All When I Say She Knows What She’s Doing In The Music Industry.

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