Song review: Ariana Grande and Cashmere release ‘Quit’



Featured on Cashmere’s newest album “9,” Ariana Grande is featured on one of this tracks. While I’m offended that Cashmere doesn’t wear cat ears, probably because Ariana wears them for him, this marks the third collab between Ariana and Cat.

“Quit” is a ballad with a slower tempo that also features a slight island/getaway instruments breaking up the chorus from the rest of the song. It feels slightly at out place at times but I understand the idea behind it. It just doesn’t go with the backing instrumental. If the rest of the song had the same vibe to it, then it would have totally worked. But it just fails to really help a song that produced nicely without that.

The vocals are surprising but in a good way. Ariana isn’t belting out but rather controlling her vocals to where they are low and feel like she’s holding back on them, which is good. Ariana’s vocal style in this song is close to being like Sia, and it really works for her. We are so used to Ariana powerhouse vocals, it’s refreshing to hear what she can do without being a powerhouse. I really want to hear a song with her and Sia now because I’m pretty sure it would be a smash hit. It’s on my bucket list of “Artist that Ariana Grande needs to collab with.”

The lyrics of the song are deep and meaningful. I know I’ve been saying that a lot lately but we’ve been getting rather good lyrics lately. The song is about how she’s in a bad relationship but she can’t leave and she’s not sure why. When I heard the chorus where Ariana is singing about how she can quit him, It made me think of the scene in “Brokeback Mountain” where the Jake Gyllenhaal asked, “I wish I knew how to quit you.” I’ve never seen the movie but that line is pretty much iconic. That’s why I think Ariana is singing this song to her lady lover…allegedly.

Overall, the song is quite a good song that really shows off Ariana’s vocals like we haven’t heard before. Besides the issue with the instruments separating the chorus, it’s not a horrible song. Is it radio friendly? nope. I don’t see it being a single. But it’s good for Ariana’s discography. I really would like an acoustic version because I think that would make the song even better.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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