Single Review: Rebecca Black releases mature and sexy ‘Foolish’


The queen of owning a calendar released her newest single and boy, it’s a long cry from her first single that we all forced people to listen to. I played it Thursday at 11:59 on national airwaves because I could. Rebecca Black is back and she’s here to stay whether you like it or not. Fun fact: she released the song on Friday. The girl was secretly trolling the world without anyone knowing.

“Foolish” is the first song released official as a single by Becky, I hope she doesn’t mind that I call her Becky, and it’s a far cry from her first song “Friday.” For starters, the song isn’t an overly produced dumpster fire. The song isn’t over produced but rather produced well. The beat and production are subtle but yet one you can groove to. It’s a seductive song. I don’t think Rebecca planned on making a song people want to have sex to but that’s the kind of vibe I get from it. It’s a very sexy song. I’m extremely impressed with the flow and how everything compliments each other so well. It’s one single song that uses its components to build off one another.

Rebecca’s vocals on the song are very well done. It really shows her growth as an artist. I’ve been following her since the start of her career and these are her best work so far. Her vocals just shine in this song. She’s just singing and it really shows her vocal growth so much. Rebecca very much grew into big shoes that “Friday” thrust her into. It shows in her vocals.┬áThe lyrics on the song are also more mature as the song is about being in love with a boy in the beginning. The lyrics are catchy.

The video itself is also mature because it involves a scene with Becky topless in a pool making out with a boy that she met in the club. Yep, she’s all grown up now. It a simple video that doesn’t take itself seriously but tells so much about the material. The video is creatively great. The lighting, the scenes, the shots are thought out and really showcase the meaning of the song. It’s extremely well done and visually pleasing to the eyes. I think Rebecca Black is actually a musical mastermind and “Friday” was her just a ploy to make us thing she wasn’t any good. All of that makes up “Foolish” has been extremely well done.

The song, as good as it is, just sounds too similar to all the other songs of the summer that are getting released. Because of that, it will be easily forgettable and just slip through the cracks. It really shouldn’t because frankly, it’s a great song. If I wasn’t going this objectively, then I would give it a 5 out of 5. But the fact the sound is too similar to separate it from all of the other songs out there hurts its. It’s not Rebecca’s fault, but rather just the state of music nowadays.

Overall, “Foolish” is a very good start to the much mature stage of Rebecca Black career. It’s sexy and subtle with catchy lyrics. The video helps shows Rebecca’s maturity as well. The fact that it sounds too similar to the other songs out there is what hurts the song. Again, not really Rebecca’s fault.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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