Months that suck: May


It’s a new month and you know what that means: It’s time to dive into the fact that May, like the many months before it, sucks. This month was a rather hard month to figure out why it sucks. But like a good journalist, I figured it out though research and complaining about how the month is a pain the ass.

May’s in the middle of fucking allergy season. If you don’t have allergies then you are the worst person because you don’t understand how much you want to stab your face. “Oh, but the plants are so beautiful when they are blooming,” you may say. People with allergies can’t even enjoy the beauty because of the freaking pollen. Pollen is the rest why our eyes are watery and itchy messes. It might only be for a few weeks or the month, but it still puts a damper on the wonderful weather that people with allergies can’t enjoy. And yes, they can take “allergy pills” but it’s not the same because if they are really bad, then it will only halfway work. It’s like halfway enjoying a delicious piece of food. Or halfway enjoying life.

Speaking of weather, its beautiful weather most of the time. It’s warm, sunny, and inviting. But you can’t enjoy because you have “life things” to do. May is constantly teasing you with the fact that it’s nice out and you can’t enjoy it. You can’t enjoy the sun and the warmth of it but you can’t because you have to complete homework, work, or even clean. Sure, you can do some task outside but it’s not the same. You want to fully enjoy the weather. It’s like May is taunting you and enjoy your suffering. It’s taking joy in the fact that you can’t enjoy the warm and nice weather.

May is probably the worst month of them all.  But luckily, it only sucks for a couple of weeks before a new month comes along and sucks even more. Luckily, I only have three more months to cover. The suckage continues.

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