New Singles: Harry Styles releases ‘Sweet Creature’


It’s always wonderful to start a month that is already sucking with a brand new music to hype up the music of the “Justin Timberlake” of One Direction. Harry Style has given the world a new song off his debut solo album “Harry Styles.” You only have one chance to name an album after you and not seem like a pompous asshole, and Harry is doing that.

I hope you enjoyed the fetus Harry gif. So slightly innocence.

“Sweet Creature” is a ballad from older than the Harry in the gif, Harold. The song is just played on guitar and isn’t like the radio friendly song we got in “Sign of the Times” or any of this One Direction music. The song is in the style of folk-pop, a genre that really doesn’t get mainstream exposure. The melody of the song is catchy and you just find yourself swaying to it. The beat is a simple one and continues throughout the song with little to no changes in it. It also uses some background vocals to help create a really beautiful arrangement. The producers sprinkled in background vocals lightly and they get more relevant and used more as the song progresses.┬áThe song is just a little big boring. I’m a slight fan of the style but it just seems to drag on.

The vocals on the song are pretty good. They aren’t as amazing as in his first single. They don’t really stand out and it makes the song stand out. It’s kind of feels like the song got rushed. They had the melody and the arrangement made but rushed the vocals and lyrics. Yep, the lyrics are telling but the story they are telling is bland. And because the song drags on and the vocals are okay, you don’t really feel a connection with the song like you should.

Overall, it’s a pretty song but it’s just boring and seems like it drags. Harry’s vocals are good but they aren’t anything like in his first single. Because the vocals aren’t amazing, it doesn’t make the song stand out but rather seem average.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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