Song Review: Paramore releases new song ‘Told You So’


Paramore is hyping up their new album, “After Laughter,” very well as they released a new song that also has a video with it. I like when artist/groups release everything on the same day because it only makes the most sense. If you are going to release a single, might as well release the video as well. Also, I can cover it all in the same article and not have to wait.

“Told You So” follows suit like their last single “Hard Times.” It’s the same style which totally fits them. The sound isn’t bad so why change it. They really rock this sound with the old school influences. Pun intended. It’s different from what it on radio for the intended rock genre. They were out of sight for a little bit and then came back with a new sound that really made more relevant. I applaud them for it.

The song itself has a very catchy beat. Like it’s extremely boardline dancepop catchy. The song is definitely a banger. There’s nothing wrong with the arrangement of the song. The lyrics are about being watched by everyone and getting told “I told you so” when they are right. They are catchy but can be a little hard to get the meaning off without actuallying pulling up the words. I had to read them to understand them better. But you’re listening to the song, you’re not really listening to the music unless you want to. Hayley’s vocals are very very good on this song. It’s the one aspect of the song that’s better than the first single.

The video itself is just them ignoring safety and driving laws in a car just singing and playing instruments in matching red outfits. The video is rather boring for a song with just a catchy beat. There isn’t anything special about it. There’s some extra scene with Hayley but other than that, it’s just not as good as the previous one. I didn’t have to be but it just falls short of keep the momentum. The song is good but the video is just boring.

Overall, the song a very good continuation on the hype to “After Laughter.” It’s a catchy dance pop rock song. Lyrics can be hard to get. The video is the part that really hurts the song. It doesn’t really tell the story behind the song in an entertaining way. It’s also very hard to grasp there’s a story in the song.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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