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Welcome to another exciting edition of “So You Want to Blog!” Today, it’s time to chat about something that is extremely important. We are going to talk about followers. I’ve mentioned this topic before but this time it’s just going to be strictly on blogging. A lot of it will end up being the same so don’t be shocked if there are some repeat info.


So let’s begin with this statement: Followers are important but not a big deal. When it comes to judging the success of your blog, don’t base it off of how many followers you have. People aren’t following as much as they are favoriting/revisiting sites. Following is a viewed a form of commitment these days. By following, you are saying that you are interested in what that person is saying long-term. Because people have a fear of commitment these days, people just don’t follow people unless they really like what they are following. People are more willing to view your content and just come back to see what you are putting out. I don’t focus on followers but rather views.

Views are usually easier to control because it’s everyone that sees it. While not everyone will follow your blog, they will still view it if you catch their attention. It’s because of this that when I set growth goals for my blog, I do it by views. Sure, you would always want to improve your follower count but it’s just harder to and slightly impossible to do. I average probably one follower a month maybe two. Also, going by views make you see more important and successful.

If you are looking to increase your followers, then it’s all about engagement. You want to create content that will get people to respond and keep coming back. Engagement is about making people come back with content. I recommend not taking short cuts to followers because it’s cheap and doesn’t end well.

Pretty much, that it’s for this edition. Let me know your thoughts below.

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