Single Review: Niall Horan’s ‘Slow Hands’


It’s time to get sultry as the innocent one of One Direction let his thirsty show in his brand new single. That’s right, little Niall Horan is horny with his slow hands and he’s telling the world.

“Slow Hands” is way different from his first single “This Town.” The song is more of funk pop rock mix that’s beat is slow. The beat is a sexy slow beat that for stripping. I’m pretty sure that Niall made this song for people to strip too. The beat is pretty much teasing you until it hits the chorus. There, it gets a little faster. I like the change in genre for Niall, he really shows off what he can do musically. It fits him well. It showcase that he can sing different styles and genres with no problems. The part that really shines is the middle the song because just carries the song into the climax so nicely and signals the part where it’s the “oh, yeah” part of the song. Pretty much, it’s the part where they get it on.

His vocals on the song are great. His vocals are deeper which just adds to the sex of the song. These vocals are way better than what he did in “This Town.” His vocal shows more growth and it’s rather shocking that One Direction didn’t use him more on vocals. While it’s been known that he was one of the sleeper vocalist toward the end of their tenure, this song proves it. Niall vocals is pretty much best part of the song. Without the deeper vocals, the song wouldn’t be as nearly as sexual. It’s kind of like his musical balls dropped, so to speak.

The lyrics are probably the bow that ties everything together. They are seductive and don’t try to hide the fact that the song is about hooking up with someone. Here’s the┬ásecond verse “I just wanna take my time/We could do this, baby, all night, yeah/’Cause I want you bad/Yeah, I want you, baby.” If this sound is taking about sex, then I don’t know what is. And the song even has the girl, sorry guys, putting the moves on Niall and wanting to go back to her place. He put a lot of thought into these lyrics. Probably some long lonely nights of writing.

Overall, the song itself is something extremely well thought out and arranged very well. Everything just adds to the song and makes it better. There isn’t one aspect that shines more than the other.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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