Video Review: Harry Styles ‘Sign of the Times’


With his album coming out this Friday, Harry Styles has released his music video for his first single “Sign of the Times.”


In the video for the song, Harry gets high….because he can fly. Pretty much, the video is just him singing and flying over places. I’m calling him “Super Styles” because he’s pretty much a superhero. I would also make a joke about him being like Jesus and walking on water but that’s sacrilegious and I don’t want to go to hell. But that’s pretty much the video. It’s starts off with him learning that he can fly and being freaked out and then becoming proficient and okay with the fact that he can soar. “Super Styles” isn’t saving the world but rather just seeing it.rofie

When I was watching the video, I kept thinking that Harry was portraying other characters instead of the story in the song. At one point, I was waiting for him to sparkle in the sunlight because he was being like Edward Cullen. Then he also reminded me of the Flying nun, which props if you know that outdated reference.

The video is shot beautifully and is appealing to the eyes. The problem with the video is that the concept is simple and it’s too simple for a song that’s over five minutes long. I felt myself going “okay, when is this over?” because it’s just boring to watch. If there was a radio edit version, then this be fine. But it’s just Harry singing and flying. That’s all. There’s no story to it and that is what hurts its bad. It fails to live up to the hype that the song gave. It’s still a beautifully shot video and I’m impressed that Harry shot every scene without a green screen, but it lacks anything to keep interest. I really don’t see the video being on any of the countdowns. While the song doesn’t need anymore promotion to make it climb the charts, the video won’t do any promo for the song.

Overall, the video is stunning but is hindered by the lack of story and the length of song. The video doesn’t hold your attention for the length of the song. The video doesn’t live up to the hype that was original presented.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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