Album Review: Harry Styles’ ‘Harry Styles’


The time has arrived as the much-anticipated debut album of young Harry Styles is here and available for the world to hear.

“Harry Styles” is the self-titled album that Harry gave us. The album follows the sound that One Direction had before their break up. Yes, it’s a break-up. They all have solo songs now and if they all are successful, then the chances of them reuniting anytime soon are slim. The album has an old sound to it. It literally sounds likes the album was made in London during the late 1960s to late 1970s. It’s 60s/70s British pop rock. It’s not a bad thing because it suits Harry really well. You can tell is inspirations for the album are because you can hear them in the songs. We all know that “Sign of the Times” is David Bowie-esque. There’s also some Elton John, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, The Police, and The Monkee’s vibes in the overall sound. He brings it together very well.

The flow of the album is rather good. There’s a break in there for ballads before the last portion of the album and just flows so naturally. The Break is “Two Ghosts,” the answer to the Taylor Swift song about him allegedly, and “Sweet Creature.” You think it will continue into “Only Angel” but it doesn’t. The song starts off really slow and soft before it gets really rocking. The only songs that are slightly out-of-place are “Ever Since New York” and the songs after it. It goes from a rock song that will have your rocking out to slow songs. There was probably no way to not have that happen but it just doesn’t flow that well.

The standout songs for the album for me were “Carolina, “Kiwi,” “Only Angels,” and “Woman.” But really this album is just a hit. I didn’t have a horrible time listening to it and I don’t think anyone will unless you hate good music. The album is amazing. The only downside with it is that Harry comes across sad/lonely in his songs compared to what he released with One Direction. I don’t know if this was intentional, but it’s every noticeable when it comes to songs that aren’t ballads/take a slower tempo.

This album is one that you will probably listen to over and over again and will probably gain him more fans than his former band mates. Is it the best One Direction album so far if you consider ZAYN’s album? It’s up there but it’s too close to call. It’s two different genres of music and comparing them would be like comparing Britney Spears to Aerosmith or Motley Crue. But it will be interesting to see what Louis and Niall’s album sound like and what Liam has in store for us because it sounds like he’s going to be the something no one expected. Harry released a quality album.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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