Single Review: ‘Bad Liar’ by Selena Gomez


It’s that wonderful time of year when Selena Gomez is back and all is right in the world. Reigning and defending Princess of Magic Kindom has been really come out with the hits lately and it’s time she keeps it’s up.

“Bad Liar” is a low-key pop song that I’m considering the sequel song to “Hands to Myself.” For many, this song will be a miss for Selena just because it’s not like “Good For You” or any of her previous songs that were more in radio friendly. “Bad Liar” isn’t radio friendly but yet it’s radio friendly.

It’s a cleverly crafted song that is more lyrically focused than the beat. The song is more about the story it’s telling which is a welcome changed of pace in this day and age. It seems like most artists are just looking to make catchy hooks mixed with some sick beats. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just nice every once and awhile to not have that be the case.  The lyrics speak for themselves and are cleverly written to the point where you aren’t searching deep down inside for a meaning but it’s not in your face either.  The vocals are okay. They are the usual vocals from Selena and it fits the song. They aren’t anything to cry home to.

There’s a video for the song and it’s available on Spotify of all places. Not sure why because I know I don’t log into Spotify to watch music videos. I personally can’t get the video to work so I’ll review it when it’s available on other platforms. I think Spotify is trying to compete with Apple Music and Tidal but usually, people announce stuff like this before they do it. This wasn’t well thought out for both parties as Spotify isn’t that popular as it once was if you are looking for non-free streaming services.

The song’s downfall will be because it’s not like the other songs she has put out. The repeat value isn’t going to high because it will take you a couple of listenings to go “this song actually good.” If you aren’t a big Selena fan, then you will just write it off. If you are a big Selena fan, you’ll probably listen to it here and there and eventually learn it’s not a bad song.

It’s a Selena song that doesn’t sound like a Selena song. It’s not a bad song that will just disappear to the back of her discography unless she does a remix of it and such. It’s not a bad song, but it just takes awhile to warm up to.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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