Single Review: “Computer Boy” by Poppy



The world’s favorite internet girl is back and she’s here with a new song because it’s about damn time. This review is probably going to be a little shorter than usual. There’s not really much to say about the song.


“Computer Boy” follows Poppy’s, no longer with That in her name, formula of catchy lyrics with a powerful message with a beat that’s infectious that will make you shake your groove thang. Yes, I just said thang. The song itself isn’t as catchy as her past work but it’s up there. It also plays around with some EDM that sounds like something you would hear in a 16-bit video game when I would play when I was growing up.

The lyrics are all about loving that Computer Boy on her laptop. The lyrics are a social commentary on how we are so dependent on the internet. They are cleverly written with some hidden innuendos in there that really help make the relationship stand out. Poppy’s music still is addicting and get stuck in your head. “Computer Boy”

The music video is freaky as fuck but at the same time gets the point across. I’ve also noticed that Poppy loves herself men wearing full colored body suits as well as outdated technology. It really does help tell the story which is shocking because it’s just Poppy singing in front of a camera with an old school TV behind her that represents her boyfriend.

The song is catchy and mixes two genres together rather well. It’s not as strong as her past musical releases. The music video is still freaky as fuck but that is what you expect when Poppy is involved.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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