Single Review: “Queen” by Frankie Grande


I don’t know where to start with this one. I’m here to review Frankie Grande’s new single “Queen.” But this gif pretty much sums up my reaction to the fact that Frankie decided to leave the comfort of his sister’s Ariana Grande’s shadow/ass, and record a song:

For those that are unaware, I’m sorry for introducing you to him for one, Frankie Grande is the brother to Ariana Grande. He has pretty much ridden her coattails into mediocre stardom. CBS used him as a contestant on “Big Brother” during the release of her second album “My Everything.” Frankie has also performed on Broadway. He’s also a YouTuber with millions of followers that he tells to “Shine Bright like a Frankie”….sigh.

“Queen” is a Broadway-style song mixed with what is supposed to be Rock and Roll but rather is more pop rock. The most positives thing I can say about Frankie’s song is that I’m glad he took the time to make something. There was a way to pull this song off because there has been plenty of times that Broadway and Rock have mixed and worked. This song isn’t that. The Broadway style just overpowers the rock and just don’t

The lyrics create the feeling that you are listening to a broadway number. That would work if the song was for Broadway. But as a single, they are just too much. There were times that I thought “There has to be an easier way to tell the story of the lyrics without so many words.” The lyrics flow with the song but they don’t work for what the song is.

The vocals on the song are good. The background vocals are what hurt the song as you are spending the first listen trying to understand what they are saying. They also stand out too much. Background vocals should add the depth without overpowering the main. The background vocals overpower Frankie and stand out more than they should. Frankie’s vocals at the end were pretty much amazing. He has lungs on him.

The music video was interesting. It’s pretty much Frankie singing while his makeup artist put on David Bowie like makeup on and off. It doesn’t add the story that he is telling in the song but rather just boring. It doesn’t add anything to the song. Also, what was the point of getting rid of the makeup just to put it back on? It’s wasteful.

If Frankie didn’t release this as a single but rather as a Broadway number, then this song would totally work for the most part. But as a single, it’s not good. “Queen” suffers from an identity crisis. It wants to be a song on the radio but yet, it too broadway for mainstream radio. The lyrics don’t help that either as they are written like a Broadway number. I get the point and what he was trying to accomplish but he fell short. He should let Ariana do mainstream music and just stick to Broadway. He would kill it there.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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