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It’s time to rate my favorite Miley Cyrus songs. It’s time for another edition of Top 5ive. Miley has gone throw a transformation of sorts since she put on that blonde wig and became “Hannah Montana.” There’s an evolution of Miley and it’s extremely visible in her music. It’s amazing. This Top 5ive list doesn’t include anything that she sang under Hannah Montana. It’s all song where she’s listed as Miley.

5. Can’t Be Tamed

The music video is more iconic than the song itself. Everyone remembers Miley dancing in a huge ass birdcage while her and her dancer are dressed like birds. It was the prequel to Miley’s 2013 album “Bangerz” and her image change that occurred as well. Miley proved that she Can’t Be Tamed and this video/song proved it. While the album wasn’t anything spectacular besides some few jams, it was a stepping stone to her finding herself.Oh, it was only one of two song that she performed during her “Bangerz Tour” that was Pre-twerking. It was staying power.

4. The Climb

Everyone knows the words to “The Climb.” It’s one of those songs that will just stay in your head for ages. Whether you say the “Hannah Montana: The Movie” or not, it was on your playlist for motivational songs. The music video was okay but it didn’t matter because the song was a powerhouse on its own. This song was a masterpiece.

3. 7 Things

Miley’s first single that wasn’t on anything linked to Hannah Montana. “7 Things” is still a classic that holds up today as everyone goes through breakups and this song is the perfect song to help get over it as you list your exes bad and good qualities. It’s supposedly about Nick Jonas, which just makes everything even better because Miley/Selena/Nick was the new Hilary/Lindsay/Aaron. The song is jam with or without the added drama. It just spices it up.

2. Party in the USA

It’s no lie when I say that “The Time of Our Lives” EP that Miley put out in 2009 is arguably her best work. “Party in the USA” is on that EP and that song is straight fire. It’s probably the most iconic of her work. It’s catchy, something we can dance to. The lyrics are also something that we can all relate to. It also gave us the infamous pole dance fiasco at the Teen Choice Awards. If only we knew then, what we know now.

1. When I Look at You

“When I Look at You” is a classic song that was the second best thing to come out of “The Last Song.” The first best thing was Miley’s love for Liam Hemsworth that left everyone wanting to find a hunky Australian love interest. It’s a really well-done pop power ballad that just makes you get the feels, especially when you see the music video. You can feel the love that is pulsing from Miley and Liam. The movie wasn’t good but this song made it at least bearable.

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