Season Review: Supergirl


The end of the world is here as it’s time for spring finales for all of our favorite television shows. It’s time to reflect on the past season for some of our favorite show. To kick it off, let’s reflect on Supergirl, season two.

“Supergirl” isn’t a bad show. I actually preferred this season to the one on CBS. It just a show that is there.  There was time that I would forget it’s on and not really care like I did for the other three DC shows on the network. The acting is good and the show does present a different version of the Arrowverse, the universe that the show is located in, than what we normally see.

This season featured two main story arc: Finding Kara and Alex’s father and facing Cadmus and an alien invasion from the Daxam army. There’s also a lot of subplots like James Olson no longer wanting to be taking picures but saving the city, Alex’s sexuality, and J’onn finding out that there are other Martian’s on Earth. The subplots hurt the main story arcs to an extent. The subplots were sometimes way more interesting than the main arcs. There was also so many subplots that it overshadowed the actual story they wanted to tell.

There was also too many characters that bogged down which ones you needed to care


Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor

about and which ones you don’t. I found myself at times not liking characters that I knew that the producers wanted me to like. The introduction to a Superman was nice and really showed how much we need another Superman show/TV movie. He was a nicely added character to the overall plot when needed. They didn’t use him all the time and which was nice because they let Supergirl be Supergirl. The addition of the Luthor’s, minus Lex and his father, didn’t really add anything to the story. Sure, they were a big plot contributor to the first story arc but other than that they were just ehh. Both Lillian and Lena didn’t really have a personality but rather were just there. Lena seemed to be always in trouble and needed to be saved by Supergirl.


It’s because of the massive amount of characters, you don’t grow attached to them. “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow” can make you feel things and invest into the characters. They also don’t have an overabyndance of characters that really don’t mean anything. Like, I love Laurel and Sara Lance. I don’t know why but they are the best part of the show and my favorite characters in the entire Arrowverse. I also love Killer Frost and would love to see her be the main villain in season four of “The Flash.” I’m emotionally invested in the characters of Black Canary/Black Siren, The Canary/White Canary, and Killer Frost. I don’t feel that in with any of the characters on “Supergirl.” They need to cut back on characters in season three.



Chris Woods as Mon-El

The standouts this season were Chris Woods and Chyler Leigh. They both did amazing job with their characters that made them shine more. I’ve seen Chris act in “The Vampire Diaries” where he made his character of Kai the most enjoy villain of since The Originals. He shined so well and really made Mon-El a character that I didn’t know I would like. I like how they took him from what was pervieced a Daxam was from Kara’s explanation to someone who Kara loved and is the totally opposite of how he started the show. Chyler is just a badass. Like she is rivaling her stay on “Grey’s Anatomy” when it comes to how awesome she is doing at this role. She took Alex from someone that really wasn’t important to someone who is stealing the spotlight and
getting it more. There was one episode where Alex is missing and she really stole the episode with that performance. I also really like the fact they gave her a love interest who happens to be a girl. Alex had the most growth this season and I honestly can’t wait to see what Chyler will do next season with the character.


The show is currently suffering from growing pains and identity crisis. “Supergirl” seems to not know if it wants to be serious like “Arrow” or something in-between like “The Flash” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow.” It hasn’t found its place yet and what kind of show it wants to be. It’s suffering from first season issues in it second season. This could be because of the fact it’s on a new network. But it hurt the show. You don’t know how to feel because you can’t read the tone of the show. Again, it’s not a bad show but rather just one that still hasn’t found it’s way in the world of DC shows on The CW. There is a lot of things they need to change for season three and I hope they can do it because it would be a shame to lose a show like it.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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