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The third season of “The Flash” seemed to have flown by in a speed of light. The second show in the Arrowverse, the show has certainly grown into its own and the third season shows it.

The third season main story arc dealt with Barry Allen saving his mother and rewriting history into “Flashpoint.” Because of this, Team Flash has been charged from what we remember in second two. It also unleashed the speed god known as Savitar.  It was also the Iris/Barry love show. We’re just going to ignore that they were pretty much raised by the same dad. This story arc wasn’t everything it could have been because the whole “Flashpoint” only lasted one episode. Sure, it affected the entire Arrowverse but it was only in minimal things. I would have liked to see because it’s a pretty big deal in the DC Comic Universe (they made a movie of it.) There should have been more at stake because of it. Also, a crossover episode that was better than the ones we got. But because of “Flashpoint,” the show took the dark and twisty route and it was the best season so far. When it needed to make it seem like life or death, it felt like it. The music this season added to the overall suspense of the season. There were a few episodes like the two-part episode in Gorilla City and the musical episode that were like “ehhh, really?” It wasn’t because they were bad, but they didn’t fit in with the episodes before and after.



Carlos Valdes As Cisco Ramon/Vibe

The subplots revolved around villains/heroes from “Flashpoint” coming into the new present world, as well as the development of Wally, Caitlin, and Cisco into their metahuman powers. Caitlin even finds romance this season and breaks the curse of falling in love with evil people that are the season’s villain. She ends up falling in love for the reformed minion of Savitar. The subplots didn’t outshine the main story arc and they did their part to advance other stories that would help with overall story down the road. The best story arc this season was Caitlin and her powers. It was a different take on self-discovery because she knows what the powers will do to her. It was different than Cisco’s who also was discovering what he could do. Both were afraid to tell anyone about their powers. But one accepted it faster while one tries to hide it. It was a very timely concept and done in a way.


They really didn’t introduce any new characters and had the smallest new cast in any of


Tom Felton as Julian Albert

the Arrowverse shows. Because they didn’t add any new characters, you are more invested into them. They only one new main character and a couple minor character that really only appeared when it was for plot convenience. The best new character was Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy.  Tom’s character was different that what we usually saw. It appeared because of “Flashpoint” and really didn’t like Barry. But over the course of the season, they became friends. It wasn’t something that we normally saw due to most people like Barry and Barry doesn’t really interact with anyone besides Team Flash.  I hope that he’s still in the show for the fourth season, if there is a fourth season. The season finale left that up in the air.


The show has grown a lot since the first season and has become one of the best DC shows on The CW and television. It finally knows what it’s doing and found its place. The show has gotten progressively darker and while it still can pull off it’s a lighter side, it can properly balance it. Out of the Arrow “spinoff,” this show is second place. I’ll reveal the best “spinoff.” And yes, I know that “The Flash” isn’t really a spinoff but for this purpose, it is. I hope there is a season four because I want to see what they do with this show. Also, I hope they make the new DC comic storyline like “Flashpoint” into an event. I would really like to see more multiverse interactions.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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  1. I agree with you on the musical episode, I mean I love Glee, but this is The Flash. They somehow made it work because “the alien did it” but it still was a bit off. And Tom Felton is definitely my favourite addition to the cast too.

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