Single Review: ‘Remember I Told You’ by Nick Jonas


Suprise! There’s a new Nick Jonas song and like it’s release, it something that’s unexpected. It’s always a good thing when there’s a new song from the golden Jonas.

“Remember I Told You” is a collab between Nick, Mike Posner, and Anne-Marie. She’s a British singer and songwriter in case you were like me and have no fucking clue who she was. The song follows the style that Nick has done on his previous albums “Nick Jonas” and “Last Year was Complicated.” The arrangement is rather good as you can groove to it and not overpowering. It’s a smooth R&B song that lets you get down without breaking a huge ass sweat.

The lyrics are good as they tell a story in the usual fashion. In case you couldn’t tell, this song definitely uses the Nick Jonas formula. The lyrics talk about thinking someone is the one but then having your heart crushed because they weren’t. Nick Jonas is good with the love song and lyrically, he continues to prove it. The fact that Nick and Anne-Marie have a singing conversation with the lyrics during her verse, just adds to the depth of the song.  It really makes it seem more legit and real.

The leaves you wanting more. It feels too short and it’s not a short song. I wanted to continue on with more of Nick because there wasn’t enough of him and he’s the main person on the song. There’s also too many people on the song. I get what they are trying to do with Nick and Anne-Marie but having a Mike rap is just too much. It just takes away from the song. The Nick and Anne-Marie parts just flow so well that when it comes to Mike’s part, it just like “who’s this?” I think that has a lot to contribute on why the song just feels short. Each “turn” is just too short and it hurts the overall song. It feels rushed and incomplete.

“Remember I Told You” is a Nick Jonas song that sounds like a Nick Jonas but doesn’t stack up to be a Nick Jonas song. The premise, lyrics, and arrangement are good but it’s the execution is where the song is a struggle. There are too many artists on the song and it makes you want more because of how short everyone is featured on the song.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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