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It’s time to reflect on an amazing artist that was taken too soon. It’s time that we list the top songs of Hannah Montana.

If you don’t know who the fuck Hannah Montana is then you need to go watch all four season of what some consider to be the greatest Disney Channel show of all time. Hannah is a cultural iconic. So let’s break down the Top 5ive Hannah Montana songs. “The Best of Both Worlds” isn’t on the list because it’s the most iconic song of the entire series. It’s too obvious that it was going to be number one.

5. I’ll Always Remember You

While the “Hannah Montana: Forever” isn’t as memorable as the third before it, “I’ll Always Remember You” is a classic because of how it’s used in the show. It was played as Miley Stewart pondered revealing her secret to the world and clips played as Miley walked around her closet. It was soul crushing and made the fact that the show was ending. It’s also showed off Hannah’s vocals so well.

4. Life’s What You Make It

One of the only songs off of the first two soundtracks that didn’t talk about leading a double life, “Life’s What You Make It” is a jam. It’s a song with a message that doesn’t get old about just living life to the fullest no matter the situation. It was the song that unfortunately followed “Nobody’s Perfect” but it was just a jam. Especially when it came to her live performances. It’s also made me upset that we never got to see the Hannah Montana Concert taping in full. Like, you are already filming it, just air it make money off of it.

3. Rock Star

This song should have been single for “Hannah Montana 2” because they played it enough on Disney Channel. “Rock Star” is one of the underrated songs off of that album. It had an infectious beat with lyrics that presented the whole “double life” that wasn’t obvious but yet did it in a more relatable way. Let’s be real, at some points with the musical directions, it was shocking that no one ever assumed that Hannah Montana might not be who she seems. With “Rock Star,” it was more like “I’m not the typical girl. I could fix your car while fixing my hair.” That’s way more relatable them most of the double life lyrics that was presented in the show.

2. Ice Cream Freeze

The most underrated song in the entire show’s history. It’s a hidden gem on the “Hannah Montana 3” soundtrack. It’s pretty much Hannah’s answer to the “Hoedown Throwdown.” It’s a dance pop line down number that mixes catchy lyrics with easy dance moves. The groove wasn’t bad either with some country influences in there. It’s just one of those songs that will put a smile on your face.

1. Nobody’s Perfect

This song. Where do I begin with this song. “Nobody’s Perfect” is just as iconic as “The Best of Both Worlds.” It’s the sister’s song of it. Everything thing about just amazing. The lyrics are catchy, the music video and her outfit are forever stuck in our heads. They even made a cover of it where Miley, Lily, and Oliver used it to help memorize the bones. It’s like they made this song with the idea of changing the theme song in season two. It would have been such a good theme as well, even though it’s hard to imagine the show without hearing “The Best of Both Worlds.” But this song will forever be the second greatest song in the history of the show.

Honorable Mention: “The Best of Both Worlds”

The movie mix is the best version of “The Best of Both Worlds,” but this song is iconic.

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