Pop Project Investigates: Covfefe


Here we go again. sigh.

Welcome to the first edition of “Pop Project Investigates.” It where I put on my investigative journalist hat in order to properly figure out what’s going on. Let’s talk about convfefe.

For those of you who don’t know, this is a tweet that Donald Trump sent out and then later delete:


Many suspects that Trump just misspelled “coverage” due to his small hands but I believe that it’s actually a secret message that you need to decode. While Trump is known for his subtweeting, this isn’t one of his normal “This is fake news. I won the election. I’m awesome and you not” tweets. Don’t let him fool you because this is some secret hidden message. ¬†Sure, it makes so much more sense to believe that “coverage” but that’s letting Trump win. I spent hours upon hours looking at the sentence structure and have come up with two theories on it.

Theory 1

Donald Trump used covfefe as a positive message to his supports. This one is probably less likely but it’s a theory because Trump hates using punctuation besides periods, which is very ironic. But let’s not get into this. Here’s how I think it should look like with punctuation:

Despite the constant negative press, covfefe!

Covfefe in use as something like “struggle on” or “power through.” It just to uplifted and tell everyone that it’s okay and everything is running smooth. I expect Donald Trump to continue on with the select messages with their true meanings leaking very soon because everything in the White House leaks lately. Secrets, the pipes, you name it and it has leaked there. Probably even the shower.

Theory 2

I’m pretty sure that the covfefe tweet was actually a text message to the Putin but Trump hit the wrong app on his phone. According to the Associated Press, Trump told world leaders to contact him on his personal number because that sounds like he’s not covering anything up. So Putin has his personal number and Trump was letting him know that everything was going to plan. Also, the tweet has no structure which fit well with the overall lack of structure in text messages in today’s society.

Covfefe is a term that is used to confirm that the plan is in place and it’s ready for the next phase. I believe that Covfefe is rather the plan name. It stands for








Covfefe is the overall plot to make sure Trump won the election. If you follow the outline of the plan’s name, we are currently on Falsify. We only have three phases left. Who knows what we will have in store in the other phases.

Covfefe isn’t something to be cherished but rather something to be worried about. Sure, we all hope it was a stupid mistake but what if that’s Trump wants you to believe that in order to hide the true nature of covfefe. Also, you know it’s a bad sign when your device doesn’t try to fix covfefe.

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