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Fourth..erm, Fifth Harmony has released a new single to the world. It’s their first single since Camila Cabello left the group in a cloud of controversy and press releases. It’s also the first since Lauren Jauregui got pushed for pot but we don’t know about it. They kind of just pushed it under the rug, rolled it up and then lit it with their middle fingers in the air.


“Down” is features Gucci Mane and is the first single off of their untitled third album from the band that is literally the most successful group to come off of the American version of “X Factor.” The song is a catchy song like most of their other singles. The beat is danceable but it does get repetitive and annoying after a while.

The lyrics on this song aren’t very good. Besides the fact that the chorus is horrible and just works and repeats down into very verse, they are just transparent and don’t really seem to have any story of meaning behind them. Also, I get that down is the name of the song but I don’t need to hear literally every five seconds. The second verse is like two lines before it gets ready to kick by into the chorus. Like, what was the point of that?

The song just overall feels rushed like they were trying to capitalize and beat Camila’s single. It wasn’t very good. I knew it wasn’t very good when I was annoyed by the beat two minutes in and annoyed with the word down. Also, I enjoyed Gucci Mane’s verse way more than the entire song. His part was literally the best thing. Gucci Mane has been slaying his verse lately when he is featured on songs.

Fifth Harmony needs to change-up their sound if they are wanting to make a dent in the mainstream radio. While their second album was much improved over their first, they need to stop using snappy/annoying beats over and over again. It hurts the replay value. If “Down” is any indication of what their third album is going to be, they might want to take a step back and look at the product that they are putting out. Also, don’t do rush things to outdo someone. It’s never a positive thing to do.

“Down” feels rushed and made out of spite. It starts out good before it gets to be too annoying with the overly used beat and the name of the song. Gucci Mane’s rap is the best part of the song. I really tried to like it but it just wasn’t good. “Down” wasn’t up to the usual standards of Fifth Harmony.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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