Video Review: “Strip That Down” by Liam Payne


We finally got the official video for Liam Payne’s new single “Strip That Down” and I have some thoughts on it. I always have thoughts so what’s new with that.

“Strip That Down” video isn’t bad. On the contrary, if you were to trade Liam out for Nick Jonas then you wouldn’t even notice. That is what’s wrong with the video. It’s very old school style as there’s no story to the video but rather just dancing, brooding poses, and blank backgrounds with colorful lights. It totally works for the video. Liam looks very good in it, especially with his minimal dance moves that aren’t as grand as the dancers in the video. But the fact that it looks like the video that Nick did with Sage the Gemini, just hurts it. I noticed it from the first two minutes and now I that’s all I see. I watched the video twice and it was still there.

Another thing that is where’s the shirtless scenes with Liam that was shown in all the promo trailers? Did they tease us with it or was it deleted from the entire video? For a song/video that says “Strip that down for me,” it’s a rather PG video. There’s no stripping in the video at all. It’s sexy but when you hear the word strip, you are thinking less clothes involved sexy. The promos for it was slightly misleading in that.

The part in the video that gets funny is when Quavo gets on-screen and Liam goes from looking a brooding sexy man to a lost child. He just comes across as out-of-place  and like he didn’t belong at all. The video did shed his One Direction image, which was hard since they are the only boy band with tattoos of this generation. One Direction’s image was just always confusing because they were suppose to this “boy next door” wholesome guys that you can bring home to your parents but yet they looked the opposite with their tattoos. But the video did make him seem less wholesome. But like I said above, it could have been more less wholesome.

“Strip That Down” isn’t a bad music video. It does it purpose in shedding Liam’s One Direction image and promoting the song. The fact that it’s too much like Nick Jonas and it’s holding back on the sex is what’s truly holding it back. Oh, and the fact that as soon as Quavo comes on-screen, Liam looks like that lost little boy in the supermarket looking for his mommy.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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