Featured Mashup: ‘Genie in the Club’


Last week, Camila Cabello released “Crying in the Club,” which has had many comparing the song to Christina Aguilera’s breakout song “Genie in the Bottle.” So like the internet does best, someone created a mashup of the two songs and it’s probably the best thing that I’ve heard on the internet so far this week.

“Genie in The Club” is the instrumental of “Crying in the Club” with the vocals from “Genie in the Bottle.” It’s not a true mashup but that’s besides the point of this. This mashup is just so so good. It was everything that I didn’t know I wanted. It was like this is what a “Fifty Shades” remix of the 1999 hit. Like it made me want a legit “Fifty Shades” remix of the song.

The instrumental added a lot more depth to the song that you really didn’t know existed. It’s like they took it and just made it stand out even more than ever before. The instrumental made a sexy song just even sexier than no one could ever imagine. It’s probably one of the best mashups that I have heard in a long time. It probably one of the first that just clicked and worked right away.

The vocals on the song just fit everything so well. Like the way the chorus hits when the build is just right. It magical and works. Then you can hear all of the ad-libbing that Christina did and it really just proves how underrated Christina truly and really is. She get’s overlooked because of the fact she came out at the same time as Britney Spears. Sure, Britney had the catchy songs. But Christina shined more vocally and this mashup proves it so well.

The only thing really wrong with it is that it’s not featuring both Camila’s and Christina’s vocals. That really would have made the song pop and just rock. It’s not totally the creators fault since there isn’t an acapella version of Camila’s song yet.  But it just makes the song lack some that makes it amazing.

“Genie in the Club” is a great mashup and really makes the 1999 vocal’s of Christina shine more than the original song. While it’s a sexier version of the her song, the missing duet between Christina and Camila keeps the song from being amazing.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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