‘Raven’s Home’ Trailer is here!


It’s time to gaze into the future as we have our first look at the sequel series to “That’s So Raven.” Grab your seat because it’s going to be amazing

‘Raven’s Home” follows Raven Baxter and her best friend Chelsea Daniels as they live under the same roof and raise their children together as they are divorced mothers. It becomes what you have come to expect from the original series as Raven’s son, Booker, has become just like his mother and have physic powers. He can gaze into the future. You’re welcome for having the theme song of “That’s So Raven” stuck in your head.

Raven-Symone and Anneliese van der Pol reprise their roles from “That’s So Raven.” They have been the only ones so far to be confirmed to return from the former main cast. It was also been confirmed that the father of Raven’s twins is Devon Carter, who was Raven’s love interest for the majority of the show. I also don’t expect to Orlando Brown on the show due to the fact that he openly talked about sleeping with Raven, getting Raven pregnant with her then having an abortion. It would be a very interesting plot twist if Eddie was actually the father but this is Disney and I don’t think that would happen.

From the trailer and the first looks that are available on the Disney Channel YouTube channel, this series looks it will be like the original series and be funny as hell. The original series use a combination of situational and physical comedy which made it so great. The downside to being the sequel series of something so great is that you will be constantly be compared to it and the memories that older fans especially if it isn’t good. That’s the downside to all of these sequel series/reboots. People have a lot of wonderful memories that they associate with these shows and if the new version of them don’t live up to what they remember, then they just write the show off with their slightly unrealistic standards. It’s going to be almost impossible for sequel shows to recapture the feeling that the original gave. It can let you reminisce about it but just treat it like a new show with familiar characters.

“Raven’s Home” debuts on the Disney Channel on July 21.

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