Video Review: ‘Down’ by Fifth Harmony



Looks like Fifth Harmony is back in full force as they gave us the video for their latest single.

When I reviewed “Down,” I gave it a one out of 5 due to it felt like a rushed single and wasn’t up to their usually standards. The music video is the same. I’m really not trying to just shit all over what Fifth Harmony does, but this music video just wasn’t anything to cry home about. It looks like the children’s version of “Spring Breakers.” Like it was a party that no one wanted to attend. It’s just shots of them looking sexy in their hotel, them dancing in their hotel parking lot, and then shots of Gucci Mane rapping.

The dancing is fine and actually saves the video from getting the same rating as the single. While it wasn’t anything earth-shaking, it was very good and was nice way to make it seem like it was just them talking into the camera trying to be seductive. If it was just that then it would have been boring and not really standing out. I mean, it really doesn’t stand out but the dancing is something that makes it memorable.

I also really wish there was some sort of story to the music video because I just want to know why they are at the hotel. While there is a slight story there, it’s not really highlighted in the video. The story that is told in the video of the relationship between the members and how they would always be down. The video contradicts this by having them in four separate hotel rooms. This would have been fine if they didn’t end with a pose and scenes of them in a pool randomly. Sure, they are together but there’s just still so many unanswered questions.

Because of how the video was made, it came across as a PR to prove that they are all still cool and friends. The video for “Down” is a better version of the song, but it still not a good song. The entire package for “Down” is just something that isn’t up to the usual Fifth Harmony standards. The video pretty much shows that “Down” was done out of spite in an attempt to outshine Camila.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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