Single Review: ‘Inspired’ by Miley Cyrus


It’s a glorious day as we FINALLY have a studio version of the song that Miley Cyrus has been singing up and down the television circuit. If it’s anything like the past Miley song “Malibu,” then it’s lit.

“Inspired” is a Miley Cyrus that we have been waiting years for. Miley is finally embracing her country roots. It’s not even a pop song. Sure, it has some poppy tendencies but the overall feel is full on country to the point where it even has that country twang to the song. But it’s mostly featuring an acoustic guitar and it just shines. They really produced this song extremely well.

The lyrics are extremely deep and meaningful. Miley did call it the more mature version of “The Climb” and it really does show in the entire song. The lyrics are extremely meaningful and all about spreading positivity and change. While at this point in 2017, the whole message on change is completely overdone, Miley does it in a way that it isn’t “BOOM” in your face. It’s done in a way that isn’t overwhelming but rather makes you think. I really like how she presented the message. More artist could learn something from Miley because her lyric game has been strong.

Her vocals are also something that just shines so well. It’s really nice to hear how well Miley’s vocals have changed over the years. The growth really shows and it’s just really nice to hear. Also, Ballads have always been something Miley shines in. This is the case with “Inspired.” While it’s not officially a ballad, it is something that that’s a slower song.

The only thing that doesn’t work is the fact that it’s suppose to be like this anthem but it doesn’t touch that status. It’s not really in the same ballpark. I don’t know if Miley wanted to make an anthem or just a song but when you try to write an anthem, it usually never becomes that. While it’s a good song with a nice message, “The Climb” turned into this sort of anthem. If this is the mature version of it, it’s definitely not anything like it when it comes to reaching anthem status.

“Inspired” is an amazing song that finally see Miley embracing her country roots. Intentional or not, the song isn’t an anthem that it’s trying to be. It has a great message that is thrown into subtly until most of the other songs in 2017 that is singing about change.


Rating: 4 out of 5


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