Season Review: ‘Orange Is the New Black’


It’s now officially June and you know what that means. It’s time for us to go to back to prison. There’s a new season of Netflix’s hit series “Orange Is the New Black.” That’s right, our favorite inmates have returned one.

Season five of “Orange Is the New Black” follows the events of the season four finale as a prison riot broke out and chaos fills the Litchfield. This season takes places over in “real time” meaning that we are seeing the events unfold over the course what feels like a couple of days. It’s hard to remember that it’s over a couple of days because it really feels longer than that. While it takes like three episode to get to the day after the prisoner took control, you end up loosing track of how many days it’s been.

This season is extremely busy when it comes to plot. There is so much going that you lose track of what everyone is up to. The main focus is geared to the inmates wanting to be treated better and getting justice for one of their fallen comrades who was killed at the end of season four. This is where many of the characters shine. Tastee, played by Danielle Brooks, really stole the show. She pretty carried the show more than the lead actress, which was a plus. While I don’t really hate Piper Chapman, she was just a bitch last season and probably one of the least likable since season two. It was refreshing for her to take the backseat for other characters. While Piper eventually got into the mix of the main plot, she was only a background player. And yes, Piper and Alex were a subplot this season. Sigh. I’m kind of over them at this point just because they are more on and off than a light switch.

The problem of this season is that there’s too much stuff going on. While there’s a lot of good moment, you end up missing or forgetting about them because of it. The humor that is usually featured in the show also falls short of it’s usually goodness because of how tense everything is. There are some good comedy from unlikely duo and it’s used in a way doesn’t kill the mood/tension.

“Orange Is the New Black” season five isn’t a great season compared to past seasons. While it doesn’t have some redeeming qualities to it, the plot is too busy. There’s just too much going on to make the subplots matter. It’s great for the simple fact that Piper Chapman isn’t the focal point of the season.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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