‘Pitch Perfect 3’ trailer is here, pitches!


The end is here as we officially have the first trailer for the final movie in the “Pitch Perfect” series. My soul is crying but I’ll keep it together in order to share the glorious trailer with you as well as my trademark sass and jokes that probably only I find funny.

“Pitch Perfect 3” follows the Barden Bellas after they have all graduated college and are trying to find their place in the world. After nothing is going the way they planned, they decided to relive their time together by touring with the USO and performing with bands that play instruments. The movie follows their exploits on tour and dealing with a rival group that is an all-female rock band.

It’s pretty much the same format that we know and love from the other two movies just switch out the setting, the reason for them competing, and the villains. I mean don’t fix something that isn’t broken because them always find some way to make it seem new and refreshing. I hope they are able to do the same with this movie. I’m also sad that it doesn’t seem to feature any of the male character that used to be the villains but are not okay with the girls. It would have been nice for them to appear, especially if this is the last movie.

The cast still got it as they work extremely well with each other and just compliment each other so well both in their acting and their singing. They even worked really well with the villains for the little amount of time that we saw them interacting. Rebel Wilson is still the continues to be the one that stands out. Fat Amy will be the most iconic character of the entire franchise. The close second is the commentators because Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins. They are so over the top with their parody of real life commentators that it works. The opening scene of the trailer where they are following Anna Kendrick with just the two of them, a camera, and a boom mic is hilarious.

The trailer isn’t a bad one and really shows people why you should watch “Pitch Perfect 3.” I do feel like it’s not as good as the previous trailer for the first two films as I remember being more hyped for it.

“Pitch perfect 3” is scheduled for release on Christmas of this year.

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