Single Review: “Get Low” by Zedd and Liam Payne


Looks like we have another contender for song of the summer. sigh. How many of these songs are we going to as contender for song of the summer? But Liam Payne should have a higher chance to have it since he just released a new song of the summer.

“Get Low” is a dance song released by Zedd and Liam Payne. I like to think of it as “Strip That Down” on steroids. It’s a song that is based on the same premise just feels a little more fleshed out. It’s a sexy club song that helps break Liam away from his boy band image that was practically shredded away in his debut song.

It’s a catchy song with an even catchier beat. The song has a Drake vibe to it, which I’m honestly tired of. Either get Drake to perform your song or go with any other¬†style. The vocals on the song are rather robotic. Sometimes it feels like it goes with the emotion and the sexiness the song is trying to give off but then other times, it just feels like Liam is just singing. It would have been nice to have something that makes his vocals feel different from what we got. Something to spice up it up.

I really hope that the video that’s on YouTube for it isn’t the official video because it isn’t the video that you would expect for something like this. If it’s not, then hopefully it is the video we wanted for “Strip That Down” and just be just one big sexual powerhouse of a video.

“Get Low” is a very good dance song that could really actually be a summer hit, too bad there’s like a million of contenders for it. It could be a little bit better when it comes to vocals but it’s good for what it’s worth.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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