Big Brother 19 Week 1 Recap


It’s summer time and that usually means that everyone’s guilty pleasure is back on the air. Big Brother 19 is here and it’s time that we chat about all the shit that has gone down because it was a very eventful kick off to the twistedly twisted summer. Welcome to “The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman” and my recap of Big Brother, but first:

This season is all about the temptations as they are billing it as a season of “Temptations,” which I’m fine with as along as it’s not stupid. So far is borderline stupid. Like they got rid of “Battle of the Block” and “Roadkill,” thank god, but added the den of temptation which gives a houseguest a temptation that will give them power or reward but will release a curse on the house. It’s an okay twist so far. The first temptation was immunity for three weeks from eviction while it gave a houseguest cursed to be a third nominee. It went to Paul, which I say coming even though it’s stupid to do it week one. Oh, a houseguest can only get one temptation out of the den so once they get it, they aren’t getting another one. Ramses got the curse out of this, which was picked at random by Paul without knowing who was getting it. It turns out that I was a good thing that he got the curse because Cody tried to backdoor him. That failed and ended up blowing up Cody’s game. The best part was that Paul was a part of an alliance that Cody set up. The make matter even worse for Cody, who at this point has pissed off most of his alliance, he nominated another person from his alliance, Christmas. See how good this was?

We have only completed one week in the house and we are already down three houseguests, had half the house nominated, have half the house in a showmance, as well as have fights and a house flip. It’s been a very busy and long week in the house. Here are the houseguest that left:




This poor guy literally got screwed as he was eliminated the first day and was replaced by Paul all because Kevin decided to take the first temptation of $25,000. sigh. He was voted out by the houseguests after Paul gave people immunity and the rest battling it out in an endurance competition. While him, Jillian, and Christmas could decide what decided their fate (either house vote or competition), Christmas and Jillian wanted a house vote and he ended up being the one to get the boot. He was a “superfan” too and man, hopefully, he gets another chance after Megan walked.




So Megan was slightly in a conversation involving Jessica, who was just flirting with Cody before there was an actual showmance. Someone told Jessica to go talk to Cody, who was chatting with Alex. She thought that she called Alex a “Panda,” because she was Asian and Big Brother is known for a racist. She told Alex in front of Paul who then told Jessica that Megan was calling her a Racist. Jessica half explains the conversation to Alex and then the two call out Megan in front of everyone. It was because of this, as well as the fact that Cody nominated her because he didn’t like her and Josh literally called her out for being a snake within the first hour of the season, Megan walked away from the game due to her concern for her mental health. It was revealed in interviews she did right after that she suffers from PTSD due to a past experience and even has a service dog for it. While I’m going to not mention my feelings on this, it’s not Big Brother’s fault for not considering this during her casting. We don’t know if they truly knew that she had it that bad or maybe she didn’t disclose it. Either way, it’s only fair to allow Cameron to re-enter the house.




This is where the game gets interesting because she wasn’t supposed to go home. She was nominated by Head of Household Cody as a pawn. She was meant to be safe because Megan was the target. Megan ended up self-evicting and Alex was placed up next to Jilian because that’s what Cody’s alliance of 8 wanted. Alex removed herself from the block with the PoV that’s when it took a turn for Jillian because Cody’s game blew up in his face. Up against Christmas, Jillian thought she wouldn’t be the one to go home but boy did her mouth drop with the blind side on eviction night.

It’s been an extremely busy first week to the point where I have to make another post on my thoughts on the houseguest. If I included them, then it would be way too long. Hopefully, it stays this intense. It’s always better when it’s intense.

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