Getting noticed on dating apps


Since I’ve pretty much covered all the social media that I could really think of it, I thought it was the time that I covered how to get people to give you that extra view on dating apps. It’s 2017 and it’s pretty much how people meet anymore. There’s like a thousand dating apps in the app store and it’s usually how most people meet these days due to everything being busy and whatnot.

When you get started on these apps, you need to pick the best pictures that are the best representation of you. They need to not be overly edited because you aren’t that way in real life. Make sure the pictures aren’t just you standing there looking like a model unless you really are a model. I recommend pictures of you being out and about with friends. I also recommend not having a picture of you looking thirsty. That will get you the wrong kind of attention that you probably not looking for. If you are, then you are using dating apps wrong. 2-3 pictures would probably be fine. Just remember that this is the vain part of your profile. Your pictures have to make people want to find out more about you, especially on apps that just show you a picture right off the bat.

Now that they have clicked on your profile, you gotta keep right something about yourself that will make them want to message you. Unless the app gives you questions, you need to make it short, sweet, and to the point. Make sure it’s interesting and something that will catch their attentions. You want to get them intrigued enough to message you. Pretty much, treat it like you would your bio for a social media site. Dating sites are just like Twitter and Facebook but instead of connecting with people you know, you are looking to connect with people you want to fall in love with…and eventually, connect genitals with. I also recommend connecting social media with it if it is allowed. This will let them see more of you than what is just available on whatever app you are doing.  Instagram will also let them look at you more and decide whether they want to bang you or not. The Sad part is how true that statement is.

Hopefully, this will help you get a significant other. If you want more of this let me know because I’ll make more.

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