Single Review: “Fetish” by Selena Gomez

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It’s a new day and Selena Gomez has a released a new song that will make you thirsty and confused at the same time. Probably the most inappropriate hashtag that has ever been given to a pop star, the third studio album from her seems to be one that leave us wanting more. If you haven’t done a twitter search for #Fetish, pause this review and comeback once those tweets will be burned in your eyes. I’ll wait.

“Fetish” is the return of Sexlena because this is probably her dirtiest song today where she pretty sings about how you are addicted to her “love.” This isn’t talking about emotion but rather sex. Selena is so good in bed that you will become addicted to it. But like her vagina, this song is addictive. It’s a sexy slow banger that will get stuck in your head for days. Before the song got released, I had the snippet of the chorus that was released in my head. Song feels like something that could have been on her last album “Revival.” ┬áThe song made me think of her first single off of “Revival” entitled “Good For You.” It also felt like it was done in the style of The Weeknd. It fit her voice extremely well, especially with her breathy vocals. Selena’s breathy vocals are just everything.

The song features Gucci Mane and if he wasn’t on the song, it would have been way better. He didn’t add anything to song. He was just there and didn’t add anything to the song. Gucci Mane was that friend that you hang out with because he was just there. If there was a solo version like they did with “Good For You” then I’ll be happy. I also wasn’t a huge fan of how the song ended because I thought it needed a little big bigger finish than that. It just seems like the chorus is sung the same like every other the time in the song. A little spice to add to it would have made it an all ready amazing song stand out.

While the video isn’t out yet, Selena released a video that is mesmerizing and extremely sexual all at the same time. It’s just a close up of Selena’s mouth and her singing. She’s also doing flirty things with her lips and tongue throughout it. Only Selena would make a video like this and it be really hot.

“Fetish” isn’t like any Selena Gomez song we have heard before and it’s amazing. It’s addictive lyrics and beat will be stuck in your head all day. While the rap by Gucci Mane doesn’t add to the song, it’s still a sexual banger that will have you be addicted to it for days to comes.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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